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3 Inexpensive Tips for Water Mitigation

Do you have a leak or flooding in your home and need a way to get the water out without breaking your wallet? Having water flood or a faulty pipe bring water into your home can be discouraging, but it doesn’t need to drain the funds from your bank account. Here are 3 ways to reduce the cost of mitigating water.


If water has invaded your home, there is a good chance that the water is not potable and free of bacteria or other harmful microorganisms. After clearing the water out, sanitizing and cleaning all surfaces that weren’t thrown out with a strong disinfectant will be the strongest defense against mold growth. Keep your family healthy and maintain the integrity of your home by having a deep cleaning session after water has been mitigated and things are dry. Mold inspection and removal is costly, whereas a good cleaning supply and some hours of work can save you hundreds of dollars in future repair. Hiring teams that are experienced with water mitigation in Roswell are able to help with this part, and can give guidance if needed.

Remove the Water

This one might seem obvious; however, once all the easily displaced water is gone, much of it still resides in carpet, fabric, and furniture. It can be tempting to let air and heat run its course and letting your home dry out with fans and open windows, but an extra hour of work can remove a lot of the stagnant water that is still in the hard-to-reach places. Be sure to get all the water you can squeeze out of nearby sofas, armchairs, and pillows possible before resigning the room to a good airing-out. The quicker you can get the water out, the better. Wood is fairly water-resistant, and can take several days until the walls and structural wood is compromised all the way through. Save yourself money in the future by removing water quickly.

Remove Thoroughly Soaked Items

We understand that a lot of objects are going to be hard to let go, but a foam pillow soaked to the core with dirty and contaminated water is going to be hard to save. If in doubt about being able to rescue or restore an item, it’s best to be safe and throw it out. Large bean bags, mattresses, and large foam or cotton pieces of furniture like ottomans can be tempting to save, but anything that soaks water like a sponge won’t be salvageable. Risking the health and safety of your family for a well-loved piece of furniture is not worth the cost—be safe and, when in doubt, throw it out. Putting in the effort to restore each piece of your home touched by the water will take a long time, and you will spend a lot of time and money trying to sort things out. Take the cheaper route, as time is essential in the first 72 hours of a water breach.

Having water flood into your home can be irritating and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Know when to cut your losses and where to spend some extra time and care when gutting your home. Our professional water mitigation teams in Roswell are there to help and guide you through the process. Contact Integrity Restoration today!