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3 Things You Should Know about Water Damage

One of the most common types of damage to property is flood or water damage. Unfortunately, there are many myths circulating about what you should do when you’re faced with needing water damage repair near Kennesaw, GA. These 3 facts can help you deal with water damage in a controlled and effective way.

Water Damage Isn’t Created Equal

If you notice a wet spot on your wall, in your ceiling, or around your foundation, you’ll want to trace where the moisture came from. The reason for this investigation is because clear, gray, and black water all pose different threat levels to your property. Clear water comes to you sink, shower, and washing machine. This is clean water with no bacterial contaminants. Gray is from your shower or sink, and could have contaminants. Black water comes from sewage or flooding and is highly dangerous. Depending on the source of the water, you’ll need different strategies for clean up.

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Contacting Insurance

One of the most important steps to take when you notice water damage is to properly document it and call your homeowner insurance agent right away. Your insurance agent can advise you on how to proceed, but often you’ll need to take photos and write an inventory of whatever has been damaged.

Next, you’ll want to take steps to dry the water as soon as possible. Once your property gets wet, the clock starts ticking. As soon as mold spores get into the wet area (especially if it’s in a warm and dark area) the damage becomes more extensive and more difficult for an expert in water damage restoration in Kennesaw to repair.

Take a Reasoned Approach to Clean Up

Make sure you stay calm and clean up water in an orderly manner. Don’t open your house up to air dry, instead use your HVAC system to start circulating clean and dry air. Go room by room and area by area to find the wet areas. If you don’t notice an area of water damage in Kennesaw, GA, it’ll cause more trouble later on, so call the professionals at Integrity Restoration to make sure your home is safe and dry.