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4 Tips for Flood Damage Restoration

Has your home recently been flooded and now you need to restore your home? Once all the water is cleared out and you’ve finished sanitizing, your basement is looking bare and unsettled. What’s the next step to repair all the damage to the walls, floors, and floorboards? Here are 4 tips to help get you on track for home restoration.


You’ve gotten all the water out of your home, but furniture is stacked in odd places, carpets are pulled up, and things are generally in a disarray. One of the best ways to begin the process of restoration is by cleaning out all the damaged and soaked items. Carpets and pillows beyond help can be thrown out, the tools and water mitigation equipment you have lying around can be put away, and cleaning any mud, dirt, and sand can be a huge help for the professional restoration services that are there to help.


Being able to access the walls and floors of the flooded areas is essential to finding the extent of the damage. The professionals are going to do a thorough inspection to see what can stay and what needs to be replaced or repaired. If a piece of furniture is too large or heavy to lift on your own, a restoration company will be able to help you, but try moving any chairs, toys, family trinkets or other home knick-knacks that you can. The easier the restoration team can access the nooks and corners of your basement and backrooms, the better.


Looking around your basement and backrooms before they arrive is a good idea. There is a good chance you will be able to point out much of the obvious damage yourself. You know your home better than they do, and the more places you can point to will greatly help the process move along. The restoration team will be interested in hearing where the water was sitting the longest, and what areas were influenced the most. Twenty minutes of surveying your home and finding a lot of the problem areas will be beneficial to you and the team you’ve hired.


Walking through your house and explaining where the water came in, where the most damage occurred, and what spots you can see have a need for restoration is invaluable information, as the water mitigation team won’t know the story behind what happened. Lifting carpets, floorboards, furniture pieces and how you’ve mitigated the water can give them an idea on how to find and prevent the cause of water the next time. Any information that you have noticed, or think might be important to include then absolutely make sure to mention it. A little bit of extra information can help resolve the problem and get your home restored and back to normal in no time.

Restoring the damaged sections of your home after water has invaded your home doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With the right preparation and taking a calm approach to the problem can get your life and home sorted out in no time. Call Integrity Restoration and Remodeling, one of the best damage restoration companies in Roswell for home restoration.