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5 Easy Methods for Cleaning Your Home after Water Damage

Once the initial shock of water damage has worn off, you’re likely to settle into the nervousness of biting your nails and tugging at your hair, wondering just what it is you’re going to do about this water damage problem. As you consider water damage removal in Roswell, here are 5 easy methods for cleaning up your home after water damage has occurred.Waterproof flashlight in Sandy Springs GA

Unplug Everything

Electronics are your biggest enemy in a room swimming in water. For the safety of everyone involved in emergency flood cleanup in Roswell, you should unplug everything: lamps, televisions, fans, all of it. Turn off the power in that area of the house if you are able to do so—especially if the water has risen above the electrical outlets in that room.


Emergency water removal in Roswell is only the first step. Any furniture that’s in the water-damaged room should be removed, if possible. Letting this furniture dry out in a different location is going to give it its best chance. Also, removing said furniture will free up the space in the water-damaged room so that you can get a better look at floor damage and allow you to thoroughly go through the room using a wet-dry vacuum to suck up as much of the water as possible.

Air It Out

Fans, dehumidifiers, mops, and wet-dry vacuums are all your best friend for getting as much of the water up and out of your home. It will probably happen in phases. Getting rid of the water itself is going to take some time and a good amount of putting your back into it. Having dry, warm weather helps, too, as well as flood damage restoration experts in Roswell to help you.


Once the water-damaged area has been all dried out, our experts will disinfect the area upon arrival. We can also take care of garbage disposal; however, you can dispose of any personal items before our arrival.Waterproof flashlight in Sandy Springs GA

Dispose Responsibly

If your home is one of several in your area that need water damage cleanup in Roswell, then don’t overwhelm your local landfill with all of that waste if you can help it. Find your local recycling centers, instead of the local dump. Sort carefully through your property to see what goods can be restored, and what goods just need to be let go. Recycle them instead of tossing them into a giant dumpster bound for a nearby hillside.

Situations that involve severe water damage to your home can be a bit overwhelming. All that liquid can almost make your house look like someplace other than your precious home. You should follow these steps carefully so that as much of your property can be maintained and preserved as possible. If you aren’t sure how to make all of this happen, or don’t want to go at it alone, then you should call a local water damage removal service in Roswell to get expert advice and support. Sometimes getting a professional on the scene can help you be more certain about which artifacts need to be preserved and which ones need to be thrown out for good because they’re beyond restoration and repair.