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A Checklist for Flood Cleanup and Recovery

When your home suffers flooding, whether it’s from a natural disaster or plumbing issues, there are certain steps that need to be taken to ensure the cleanup and recovery process makes your home safe for habitation again. You should always plan on getting professional flood damage restoration in Roswell simply because the recovery must be done correctly and quickly to avoid secondary issues like mold growth. Here are the steps you should take when you experience flooding or major water damage in your home.

Safety Considerations

Before you being the cleanup and restoration process, you need to make sure your home is safe to enter. If the home has been flooded in a natural disaster, you’ll probably need to have your home declared safe by authorities before being allowed to reenter the home. If the flooding only occurred in your home from a backed-up sewer or burst pipe, there are still safety steps to consider. Make sure the electricity is completely shut off before entering any rooms with water.

Insurance Claim

 You’ll want to contact your insurance company right away to get the professional restoration process started. When it’s safe to enter your home, call the insurance company and take your own photos and videos for the insurance company, even if they plan to send an adjuster to your home. This process should go quickly because it’s important to get the water removal process started quickly in order to minimize damage.

Deciding What to Save

The restoration company will usually be able to tell you what can be saved, but you’ll need to use your own judgment on some items. When dealing with porous items like upholstered furniture, clothes, drapes, and more, you need to take into account the type of water they were exposed to. If the water was from a source other than a clean water supply pipe, the items would be more difficult to salvage due to bacteria and mold. Hardwood furniture may be salvageable if there’s no mold growth. Toys and food should all be discarded. Fortunately, keepsakes like photos and important documents can be frozen until you’re able to properly dry them out later on.

Professional Restoration Help 

Contact an emergency water removal company as quickly as possible after speaking with your insurance company. Restoration companies are available 24/7 because of the potential for damage when water is left standing for long. The technicians will be able to start working quickly to help minimize structural damage and mold issues. One of the first things they’ll do is remove items that might be salvageable. They’ll use powerful vacuums and pumps to quickly remove standing water and water that’s soaked into porous items. Flooding events require thorough sanitation because of the potential for bacteria and other microorganisms in the water. Sanitation is done using EPA-registered anti-microbial solutions that will also inhibit the growth of mold. This is an important step because both mold and bacteria can cause serious health problems, so it’s important to eliminate these risks as part of the cleanup and restoration process. Depending on the severity of the flooding, the technicians may need to remove drywall and studs to ensure all the water is removed from the house. Once this is complete, they’ll use powerful fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the materials that will stay in house and remove excess moisture from the air as well.

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