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The Average Cost of Getting Water Damage Repair

Predicting how much it will cost for water damage repair in Kennesaw due to a leaky roof, burst pipe, faulty window or door, a broken water line, or a leaky toilet is more of an art form than a science. The total cost will depend on several factors. The best water damage restoration companies often will evaluate the extent of the damage and give homeowners a free bid to do the work.

According to HomeAdvisor, homeowners spent between $450 and $6,000 for water damage repair last year. The average cost was between $1,041 and $3,635. The wide discrepancy in costs is because water damage is different in every situation. If you find yourself needing emergency water removal in Kennesaw, here are a few things a water removal company will assess to craft a bid to remove the water and repair the damage.

The Size of the Area

Obviously, the price will be lower for a smaller area. It takes less work and fewer materials to clean up and restore a small bathroom that’s suffered a leak than it takes to repair and restore a large finished basement.

Many water restoration companies base part of their bids for repair on the cost to restore per square feet. Nationwide, most water restoration companies charge between $18.22 to $23.43 per square foot to remove and replace space damaged by water.

The Type of Damage

That cost per square foot is for removing and repairing damaged space, but that doesn’t include costs that may be incurred if your space requires mold remediation services. Some damage–like sewer system backups–require additional hazard containment measures, ventilation fixes, and the proper disposal of hazardous materials. This will cost extra.

Mold Growth

One of the most critical aspects of restoring a home after water damage is eliminating moisture that can cause mold to grow in your home. Professionals will make an evaluation as to whether your home has mold following water damage. Mold is more likely to be present if the damage isn’t fixed immediately. This is one reason many people call 24-hour water damage repair in Kennesaw the moment they recognize a problem.

It takes mold 24-48 hours after water damage to being growing, so getting a leak repaired and eliminating moisture related to the leak as soon as possible is imperative. When mold is present, restoration may require removing and repairing all flooring and even sheetrock and walls in the immediate area.

A Bright Spot

Though water restoration can be expensive, there is some good news for homeowners. Many insurance policies cover water damage when it’s caught and repaired shortly after it occurs. However, an insurance company can determine homeowner negligence and deny coverage if a water problem isn’t repaired as soon as it’s discovered.

If you have a leaky pipe, a roof leak, sewer backup, or other water-related problem with your home, time is of the essence. The longer you wait to hire emergency water removal in Kennesaw, GA, the more damage is likely to occur and the more expensive the repairs and restoration are likely to be. Worse, waiting to make repairs can lead to mold, which is more expensive to fix and can cause health issues for your family. Don’t wait to call the professionals if you suspect your home has water damage.