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What to Do When Your Basement Floods

A flood in your basement qualifies as a major catastrophe. Depending on the cause and severity of the flooding, your family’s life may even be in danger. That’s why we want to you give you step-by-step directions on what should be done first.

Safety First

We want to keep you and your family safe. So we don’t recommend going into the flooded basement without taking a few precautions. First of all, we recommend shutting off the electricity but only if you can safely do so. Once the power is disconnected, we can focus on unplugging and removing electronics and removing furniture and more.

Determine the Cause

If the flooding is related to increment weather, then there is nothing much we can do to make it stop. But in some cases, sewage backup or a broken pipe can cause a basement to flood. While we don’t want you to go down into the basement if it’s full of sewage, you might be able to turn off the main water supply to your home to stop the flooding. If a sewage backup caused the flood, then it’s best to refrain from flushing the toilet or running the washing machine to avoid making things worse.

Disinfect and Prevent Mold Growth

Basement flooding is such a big problem because we can’t just let the water dry and hope for the best. Instead, we have to take the proper steps to disinfect the area and prevent mold growth on the walls, the floors, and the furniture. Disinfectant is required to protect you and your family from the bacteria that came in with the water, even if the water wasn’t sewage. After we pump the water out, we have to give the area enough time to properly dry out.

Recycling and Restoring Belongings

The last step is to dispose of and restore the belongings that were damaged in the flood. Depending on the item and the severity of the flood damage, we may be able to restore your belongings. Of course it’s not always worth the time and effort to restore every damaged item. In those cases, we end up recycling or otherwise disposing of the damaged property. In any case, we will have to spend some time on water damage restoration in Kennesaw to return your basement to its original condition.