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Can Hidden Plumbing Leaks Require Expert Restoration?

If you’ve ever been the victim of a natural disaster that flooded your home, you know how important it is that you call for the services of a company that specializes in emergency water removal in Alpharetta. Your home doesn’t have to get hit by a hurricane, however, to suffer devastating water damage. The pipes in your walls can leak for months without you even knowing it, causing tremendous damage that can only be repaired by a professional. Here are some instances where you’ll need to call for water extraction to get your home back to where it was.

Leaky Pipes

A leak can occur anywhere in your home’s plumbing. If it’s somewhere you can see or hear it, you can usually spot it right away and get it repaired before any serious problems develop. If, however, the leak is hidden within the walls, you might not be aware of it for weeks or even months. While it’s leaking, mold could be building up in your house, and there might even be structural damage, so it’s important that you seek the services of a professional water restoration company. Not only can they remove the water from your home, but they can employ EPA registered anti-microbial solutions to eliminate the mold and protect your family.

Slab Leaks

Water from leaks in your home’s slab can build up until they rot floorboards and cause other kinds of damage. Nearly impossible to spot until the damage is visible, there are signs of slab leaks that you should be aware of. If you hear a hissing sound coming out of your pipes when water isn’t being used, then that could be due to a leak. One way to check is to take a reading of your water meter. After taking the reading, shut off all running water in your house (including appliances like the dishwasher). After a couple of hours, take a reading again. If the number has increased, then you may have a leak in your slab. If it’s been leaking for a long time, you won’t be able to repair the damage yourself, so you’ll have to call for help from a restoration specialist.

Leaking Water Heater

Water heaters require tanks, pressure relief valves, and drain valves, so there are several places where they’re vulnerable to leaks. Depending on where they’re located, all kinds of damage can occur from a leaking water heater. Water seeping from a water heater can rot floors and subfloors, and if they’re in the attic, even compromise the structural integrity of walls and ceilings. In extreme cases, they can break down entirely, flooding your house. Whether your home is suffering damage due to a slow and steady leak or a sudden catastrophic flood, you can’t be confident that it’s safe from mold and structural damage without an inspection from a water restoration company.

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