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What Are the Consequences of Floods?

Flooding has been on the rise in the U.S. over the past several years. This year the country saw two of the largest hurricanes to ever make landfall, both of which caused chaos in the cities they hit. The types of damages are often broken into two categories: direct and indirect consequences. Each is equally as devastating, but they often require different forms of cleanup and restoration.


Direct consequences are a result of flooding, hurricanes, or other similar natural disasters causing damage to an individual or property. The damage caused is an immediate result of the disaster itself. Examples of this are trees falling on houses, lightning striking a vehicle or individual, or winds blowing debris through windows. These issues arise directly as a result of the catastrophic event.


Indirect consequences come after a natural disaster. When a hurricane dumps rain over a city for an extended period of time, that water will eventually run off to the lowest point in the area, which will become flooded. Another example of an indirect consequence is when excessive rainfall wears through property, causing mudslides or collapse of outdoor fixtures. These incidents don’t occur during the catastrophic event, but are rather a result of the aftermath.


The impact of both direct and indirect consequences can be widespread. In some cases, insurance won’t cover damage caused by weather events, meaning you’re out of luck on your damaged property. Additionally, catastrophic events can cause companies to have to close for extended periods of time while repairs are made, which costs business. Natural disasters have a large effect on multiple aspects of the economy.

Unfortunately, many of these events cannot be easily predicted. There hasn’t been enough data collected to create accurate models to help determine when and where these disasters will occur. Additionally, the events themselves aren’t the sole cause of damage, as many of them have indirect consequences such as flooding. As such, it’s important to seek a water restoration company in Roswell if your business experiences flooding or other similar damage.