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How to Detect Water Damage in a House

Buying a home is likely the largest purchase you’ve made in your life, so taking the time to choose the right one without hidden issues is essential. Buying a home without proper inspection can cost you dearly down the road. In Georgia, the humidity and constant rain aid in water damage in many homes and cause many families to seek¬†water damage removal in Alpharetta. However, water damage is usually easy to spot if you follow these steps.¬†

Go after a Storm

The way a home handles water is most prevalent right after a storm, so go look at houses you’re interested in right after (or during!) one if possible. See where the runoff goes and how the gutters handle the flow. The ground should slope away from the house as well.

Inspect the Roof, Windows, and Doors

Look to make sure the roof is in good shape, free of loose shingles or discoloration.

For windows and doors, walk around the house and look for gaps between the wall and sills. See if the caulk is in good shape and if the wood appears or feels soft. These are all warning signs of potential leaks that could call for emergency water removal in Alpharetta.

Use Your Ears and Nose

When you walk through the home, pay special attention to unusual smells in the basement, bathrooms, and garage. If you smell mold, make sure to find the source.

Then, listen for leaks coming from sinks, the shower, or tub. It may be a very minor issue, but if the leak has been going on for years, it can become a very serious problem that will require water damage cleanup in Alpharetta.

If you do buy a home with water damage or you have water damage in your current home, all is not lost. Find a reputable company for water damage removal in Alpharetta, and the damaged area will be as good as new. The water damage cleanup may even be covered by your insurance.