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DIY Water Damage Cleanup Mistakes

Water damage can be incredibly serious. While you may be able to handle a small mess quickly and effectively without needing any special equipment or professional assistance, more severe water damage may be something that you’re not ready to tackle. Mistakes are often made by people who attempt to remedy the damage themselves, and below you’ll find three of the most common ones.


It’s understandable that you want to resolve the mess quickly, but there can he health hazards in the way or submerged wires that can shock you. Commonly, you’ll find backup from sewage systems, broken plumbing, or septic tanks. Such contamination can lead to serious health problems, especially if you make contact with it directly. Gloves, boots, and face masks should always be worn. You could also encounter unstable flooring and sinking ceilings that may collapse.


A mop and bucket are of limited help when you’re looking at flooding or other serious water damage. Pumps can do in a matter of minutes what it might take you all day to accomplish. Blowers and fans are also able to dry the area much more quickly than would ever otherwise be managed. Time is key when handling water damage, and you simply don’t have the luxury of doing everything by hand. A professional cleanup service has the equipment needed to resolve the problem quickly and thoroughly.


People often miss details while they’re slogging through the water. Clothes, keepsakes, toys, or other items that were left in dressers, footlockers, or stashed inside of storage bins can easily be overlooked. Those items can retain water, grow mold, and be problematic further down the line. A professional company will have equipment that detects water damage inside of walls and under floors, which can easily be missed by a casual inspection. Those missed areas could contribute to structural problems or other difficulties in the future. Remedying them now will save you a serious headache and potentially quite a lot of money.

No one is perfect, but professional water removal services in Dunwoody can help you avoid common mistakes that most people make. They can also help you avoid further damage. Time is essential in responding to flooding or other serious water damage, and having the right equipment makes a huge difference.