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Dos and Don’ts after a Fire in Your Home

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Have you had a fire in your home? After the shock has worn off, it’s important you know what to do and what to avoid doing to preserve the integrity of your home. Whether it was a small chimney fire or you have widespread smoke and water damage, be sure to call the professionals at Integrity Restoration.


After the fire’s been put out, your first instinct may be to run into your home and search for personal items. It’s vital you do not make the situation worse by doing any of the following.

Assess the Damage

Your eye can see the damaged surface areas, but it’s what you can’t see that can often be the source of long-term home health issues. Hire a professional who has the proper diagnostic equipment to assess the true damage to your home.

Restore the Affected Areas

Integrity Restoration Services offers comprehensive, full-service restoration of your home to its original condition. They attend to structural cleaning, detailing every inch of your home, top-to-bottom. They repair structural damage, seal affected smoke damaged areas, and paint to look like new. Their team is also trained to assist you as you sort through the debris, advising on what’s salvageable and what you should dispose of.

If you’ve suffered a fire, small or large, in your home, Integrity Restoration Services is the company to get you back into your home safely. For more than fifteen-years, they’ve been effectively serving the greater Marietta and Metro Atlanta areas. Services now range to over twenty-six counties so be sure to call (770) 966-9987 for a post-fire, home inspection today. Visit their website at www.integrityrest.com to read about the wide variety of other services they offer, scroll through testimonials of satisfied customers, and view their “before and after” picture gallery. Hire Integrity Restoration Services and return to the home you know and love.