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Effects of Ignoring Water Damage Cleaning

It’s hard to ignore a flood or significant leak when it happens. There’s simply no way to hide the effects of water pouring in where it’s not supposed to be. When you experience such a circumstance, you have no choice but to recognize the damage that can be caused by water in the home and take immediate steps to remediate the resulting issues. Simply put, the best way to deal with a water incursion and protect your home from adverse long-term consequences is by calling a company that specializes in water damage repair in Newnan.

Water damage restoration isn’t a task that should be left up to amateurs because proper remediation requires extensive knowledge and expertise as well as access to specialized equipment, techniques, and chemicals. Therefore, it’s best to hire a water restoration company that can put its skills to use to help you recover the value and safety of your home. Keep reading to learn more about the cascade of negative effects that can arise when you ignore the need for water damage restoration in the home.

Creates Safety Risks

Your home should be a safe place for you and your family, as it shelters you from the elements and provides a warm, comforting environment. However, an incursion of water due to a flood or leak can shatter that domestic tranquility and create an environment that can pose several health risks to you and your loved ones. For example, one of the most common hazards in the wake of a flooding event is mold growth in the home. Mold can quietly proliferate in the dark, moist spaces created by unmitigated flood damage, and the health consequences of unchecked mold growth can include respiratory problems, itchy eyes, or skin conditions. It can also lead to other dangerous circumstances depending on the species of mold present.

Water damage that goes unattended can also compromise your home’s electrical system and create not only shock hazards, but an increased risk of residential fires as well due to compromised wiring and contacts. It can also encourage the presence of insects and vermin, which bring about other potential health risks.

Severe Property Damage

When flood damage occurs, it should be immediately handled to stop its progress. Any flooding can damage your home aesthetically, but it can also create significant structural problems that may go unseen to the casual observer. Wood swells in the presence of moisture, and that natural effect could cause structural components in the walls, floors, and ceilings to twist or split, thus weakening them. When that happens, your home’s structure will be undermined. Floods also damage all kinds of flooring because the moisture seeps in below the surface and remains there, causing floors to buckle and become uneven. It’s important in the immediate aftermath of a flooding event that you have a water restoration company thoroughly dry your indoor environment to remove the risk of additional future damage to your home.

Reduce Repair Costs

Though there is a significant expense associated with water damage restoration, it’s a fraction of the cost that a homeowner would incur by ignoring the need for water damage remediation. The structural damage alone could result in thousands of dollars in damage and lost property value. Failure to properly clean and dry furnishings and floor coverings after a flood could also cause you to replace those household items at great expense when they could have been saved and restored. Unless you have an unrestricted budget to replace and repair critical components of your household ecosystem, hiring a water damage company to preserve your belongings after a flood just makes good sense.

To avoid these adverse effects of unattended water damage, hire Integrity Restoration & Remodeling Contractors, a reputable water restoration company in Newnan to restore your property to its prior state and prevent further decline in value. To learn more, call us at (770) 966-9987.

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