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Emergency Water Damage Cleanup Tips

Flooding, no matter why it may come about, is a total disaster for any home. No matter how water-resistant the building materials in your home might supposedly be, no home is prepared to carry several inches of water. So whether a plumbing disaster like a burst pipe, a weather disaster like a flash flood, or an accidental spill has left any area of your home flooded with water, you need to act quickly. Experts like us who specialize in emergency water removal in Kennesaw, GA, want you to know that your initial actions right after a flood occurs are essential to limiting your damage repair costs.

Here are a few of our best recommendations for handling emergency flood cleanup.

Act Fast

First of all, be sure to act the instant you notice water has begun to flood inward. This means you should attempt to stop the flow of water as much as you can. Plug holes with towels, turn off your outdoor water supply valve, and try to move any valuable possessions away from the water source.

Protect Valuables

Once flooding has occurred, you should try to save your most valuable items first. For example, antique furniture, heirlooms, and pricey pieces of technology should be moved away from standing water as soon as possible. Just be careful not to interact with electronics if their power source has made contact with water.

Prevent Water from Spreading

Try to prevent any flooding from spilling into other rooms and causing further damage. Water damage on the second floor in particular is capable of seeping down into the first floor rooms. Try to obstruct the flow of water.

Be Safe

Safety is your first concern. Your life and the lives of your friends and family members who are helping you in your emergency are more valuable than any amount of property. As stated before, be careful with electronic goods. In addition, avoid walking in moving water. Even a small amount of moving water has a strong enough to current to make you slip. Be extra careful if you feel that water from the outdoors has carried foreign objects with it.

Avoid Sewage Water

If a sewage line breaks or water floods from your toilet or backs up from the sewer, wear protective clothing if you are going anywhere near this water. You can become extremely ill if you allow sewage to make contact with your skin, eyes, nose, ears, or mouth.

Contact Professionals ASAP

Once you have followed these steps, you have exhausted your lines of defense against flooding damage. Your next step is to contact a water damage cleanup company. These contractors can assist with removing standing water, structure drying, assessing which building materials and possessions have survived the flood, performing repairs on your home, and—possibly most importantly of all—assisting with mold remediation, or the act of preventing mold from developing and killing any fungal matter that has developed due to a flood.

Should you need to have any remodeling work done after a flood, an emergency flood cleanup service can also act as your remodeling contractor. With the help of contractors like us, you can return your life to normal and feel safe in your home again.