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What to Expect from Water Damage Cleanup

Many homeowners can have questions in the event of proprietary water damage due to a leak, burst pipe, flood, etc. A common question many people can have is “what do I do next?” The first thing you should do is cut off your home’s water supply to prevent any further damage. Second, you should contact your local water restoration company in Sandy Springs to check for and clean up water damage.

While every case of water damage is unique due to a variety of factors, the water damage restoration process includes 6 standard steps.


During the inspection process, a water mitigation contractor inspects your home and assess the water damage. They will estimate your home’s moisture content with advanced moisture detection equipment. The moisture value and the standards for the Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) for your area determine whether the damage requires drying equipment for mitigation.

Elimination of Standing Water

After the assessment or dehumidification, your contractor uses extractions to remove standing water in your home. The duration of this process is determined by the material being extracted, the dimensions of the affected room, and the amount of water being removed.

Prevention of Additional Damage

In this stage of the process, your contractor places dehumidifiers and possible air movers in your home, if required. The amount of time that dehumidifiers are present in your home is dependent on the source and duration of the leak. During this time, your insurance company may also become involved.

Drying and Containment

In these concurrent steps, your contractor dries the affected area with air movers that redirect the airflow throughout the room. The wet area is sealed off from the rest of your house to focus air to that area.


Over the entire drying process, your water restoration company sends crews to your home to oversee and track the progress. The purposes of these visits are to check on the equipment and to determine whether the affected areas are dry. Air movers are placed in all areas that need to be dried.


Once your home is tested and considered to be returned to its original dry condition and confirmed by you, any remaining equipment is removed from your home.