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Facts about Water Damage That You Need to Know

When you experience a flooding event, whether that damage is caused by a plumbing emergency or a natural disaster, the remediation of water damage must begin almost immediately to avoid extensive damage. Water damage repair is a complicated process, as water must be removed, the structure must be thoroughly dried, cleaning must be performed, and surfaces must be treated to mitigate pathogens. It’s a comprehensive process that’s well beyond the scope of the average homeowner. That’s why it’s important to hire a water restoration company in Roswell following a flooding event to help return your structure to its former condition.

With proper water restoration, most structures can be returned to their pre-flood condition. Water damage restoration is about more than emergency water removal because there are also safety considerations involved in mitigating water damage. Water damage isn’t just cosmetic; the presence of moisture in structures can lead to mold growth that can be dangerous. Because of the ramifications of water damage, it’s important that you seek the help of a qualified water damage restoration company as soon as possible. Read here to learn what you need to know about water damage restoration.

Fact 1: You Should Act Quickly

The causes of water damage vary; it can stem from a burst pipe, natural disaster, air conditioner malfunction, leaking roof, or residential fire. Regardless of the cause, there’s one key factor that spans each flooding episode. In each case, there’s a need to begin the water extraction and damage remediation process as soon as possible. After a flooding event occurs, the clock is immediately ticking when it comes to limiting the extent of damage and improving the odds of recovery and restoration. Secondary damage from mold infestation is one of the key complications that stems from delayed water damage remediation, and mold can begin its life cycle and proliferation within 48 hours of a surface becoming inundated. Preventing costly secondary damage involves removing water and performing moisture extraction from the structure within that 48-hour window of action.

Fact 2: Your Insurer Needs to Be Notified Immediately

Most people have some type of homeowners’ insurance that protects from some of the causes of water damage in their homes or businesses. However, not all water damage is alike in the eyes of most insurance companies. For example, water damage from a plumbing emergency may be covered, but flood damage from an overflowing river may not. Some insurance policies don’t cover water damage at all. It’s important that you communicate with your insurance company as quickly as possible to assess whether the damage and restoration is covered by your policy. If the damage and repairs will be covered by your insurance policy, it’s still important to let your insurer know immediately so that the claim process can be initiated. Your insurance company may also have a previous relationship with a water damage restoration company, which may expedite the remediation process during that all-important 48-hour window following water damage.

Fact 3: Not All Flood Water Is the Same

It’s important that you don’t attempt flood cleanup on your own because all floodwater is the same. In fact, some categories of floodwater can contain dangerous pathogens or chemicals that must be properly treated by experienced professional water restoration teams. Water that comes from a clean source, such as a broken water pipe, may not be dangerous, but floodwaters from a natural disaster or sewage leak may contain pesticides, chemicals, raw sewage, and bacteria. Therefore, floodwater remediation is best handled by a professional restoration company that has the proper personal protective equipment, experience, and treatment chemicals to remove any dangerous substances in floodwaters.

When you experience a flood event, there’s a lot more that must happen in addition to water extraction in Roswell. With proper water removal, surface treatment, and structural restoration, your home can be returned to its previous state in the wake of a flooding event. If you experience a flooding event that has caused water damage, contact Integrity Restoration & Remodeling Contractors at (770) 966-9987. 


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