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How to File a Flood Insurance Claim

Filing a flood policy claim for water damage in Alpharetta, is easy if you know the process. A flood experience can be complicated, and it’s vital to always keep relevant documents in one waterproof bag, be ready to act, and prepare for the worst. Here are four key steps to anticipate if you want to file a claim for flood insurance:

Notify Your Insurance Agent Immediately

Letting your insurer know about the incident will set the process for your insurance claims. You must be ready with your account and policy information to ensure quick authentication. Prepare your policy number, contact details, and other pertinent personal information that will let them know that you are the right individual to file a claim on an insurance coverage.

Your insurance company will notify you a few days after the first phone call. Repeat this step if you do not hear from them in a matter of days.

Take Photos and Record the Extent of the Damage

Documentation is a crucial step in filing flood insurance claims. Before calling water restoration companies in Alpharetta, to come to your aid, make sure to document everything in your property. Obviously, you have to consider your safety when taking photos and assessing the damage.

Starting work on your property without proper documentation can significantly affect your chances of getting bigger claims. Document everything in your property by taking videos and photos of the situation.

Retrieve Usable Items and Separate Unsalvageable Ones

Again, take pictures of all damaged properties and separate them from those that you can still use. List down everything neatly with the estimated amount of each and present it to your claims adjuster. They will look for all kinds of proof to establish your claims assessment.

Declare Your List and Fill out a Proof of Loss

Your insurance adjuster will help you fill out a Proof of Loss or a Dwelling Policy form to describe and confirm your claim for a particular type of property or unit. Make sure to do this well within the 60-day period of the flood. This form is a requisite in any insurance claims.

After you and your insurer sign a document stating the estimate of the damages, you may now wait for your claim and start water damage restoration in Alpharetta.