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Flood Damage Repair Checklist

Water damage caused by flooding can be extremely devastating to your property, and restoration can be incredibly expensive. To minimize the damage (and the costs), you must act quickly. The first 24 hours after a flood are the most crucial to water damage repair in LaGrange. Once it is safe to act, use the checklist below to mitigate the damage and protect your home.

Safety First

If for whatever reason, you were not in your home during the flood, it is vital that you listen to the local authorities for information and instructions on returning home. Before you enter the property, look for signs of severe structural damage, like cracks in the foundation. Next, shut off the electricity in the property at the main breaker. And don’t forget your protective clothing and gear; waterproof boots and a facemask are a must.

Assess and Document

Don’t move, change, or fix anything until you complete this step. Take photos and videos of any damage you notice in the house. This is an important step if you plan to file an insurance claim. If you fix things before you record the damage, you could unintentionally decrease the value of your claim. You should also keep receipts for any work that you complete following the flood. This way, your insurer can reimburse you for the expenses.

Getting Started

If the flood damage was minimal and there is no grey or blackwater present, you can begin the clean-up process on your own before the professionals arrive. Wear protective wear, waterproof boots, and a facemask. Start by removing as many belongings from the area as you can. Throw away any severely damaged items. Furniture and floor coverings should be taken outside to dry in the sunlight. Linens should be laundered as soon as possible.

Once most of your belongings have been removed, you can switch your focus to drying out the area. Even the smallest bit of excess moisture can lead to mold growth, so try to dry your home as quickly as you can. Luckily, this process is much easier if you have the right tools. Open the windows and use air movers and dehumidifiers to remove the leftover water.

Hire a Professional

Cleaning your home and preventing water damage after a flood is much more complicated and dangerous than most homeowners believe. It is often best to leave it to the pros. But finding the right company to work with is a job unto itself. Try to find a company that has years of experience, prioritizes customer care, and offers 24-hour water damage repair in LaGrange. For more information on how the experts at Integrity Restoration & Remodeling Contractors LLC can help, visit integrityrest.com.