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After a Flood: Preventing Mold in Your Home

A flood can really ruin your day, along with your belongings. Don’t let mold ruin the rest of your home and your health along the way! First, let’s take a look at how mold grows and then we will talk about how to clean it up and prevent it from growing again.

Basic Mold Facts

Mold is a fungus that does not require light to grow. In fact, all that is required is warmth and moisture, so a flood in your Alpharetta home provides the perfect opportunity for mold spores to reproduce and cause extensive damage.

Mold feeds on any organic material, so eliminating the source of nutrition for it is impossible outside of a completely sterile environment. Since mold spores are always present in the environment, it’s also impossible to completely eradicate all mold. The problem begins when mold multiplies many times and takes over. A plethora of excess mold spores that settle in, reproduce, and continues to spread causes health problems and may even cause irreparable damage to your belongings.

The best way to prevent a mold problem is to keep the humidity level down, which in normal circumstances can be difficult without an air conditioner or dehumidifier running. After a flood in your home, it is much more difficult to keep the mold from growing without a complete professional cleanup.

Flood Cleanup

Emergency flood cleanup in Alpharetta can help prevent water damage and stop mold growth in its tracks. It is important to have all the water removed or else you will have a perfect breeding ground for mold to take over your home and cause more damage. Water removal and restoration efforts include the obvious furniture and belongings that you can see in the house, but will also include your floors and inside the walls. It is in these hidden areas that it is vital to ensure the moisture is completely gone.

A professional restoration company can also take care of cleaning your belongings. This includes your furniture and even your clothing. Obviously some items, like books, may simply be ruined, but a thorough evaluation can help you know what is salvageable and what needs to be trashed.

Cleanup That Kills and Prevents Mold Growth

There are several cleaners that you can use around your home that can kill and prevent mold from growing. After you’ve had a flood in your home, it is helpful to use these cleaners both to prevent mold from appearing and to kill mold at the first signs of growth.

Bleach does a great job at killing any mold spores present. It will sanitize the area and will help resist mold growth in the future as well. Use only in a well-ventilated area and be sure to use gloves to protect your hands.

Don’t want to use bleach? You can also use Borax, white vinegar, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, or baking soda to wash an area clean to kill and prevent mold. If you have a lot of mold to clean up, we highly recommend hiring a professional so that you do not spread the mold around your home and create a bigger problem.