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Guide to Filing a Stress-Free Water Damage Claim

The moment that water damage is discovered in one’s home, the first reaction is to fix the problem and protect any damaged possessions as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, most insurance companies won’t help cover the costs of repairs if the proper steps aren’t followed for filing a claim. In order to do this, we recommend taking the following steps.

Prevent Additional Damage

Before picking up the phone, take the time to turn off the water source. If it’s possible to fix the problem, go ahead and do it. It’s important to do everything that can prevent additional damage to the home. Board up doors and windows, put a tarp over the roof, remove excessive water, and make sure that there won’t be further damage while completing the next steps.

Document Damage

Look around and determine all of the damage that occurred. Take pictures and videos, which can be emailed to the insurance company and shared with the adjuster later on. It’s helpful to make a log of all of the personal property that was damaged. After contacting the insurance company, take the time to list out the year, make, and model of each item. Include the cost of each item with receipts or credit card statements to verify it.

Contact Insurance Company

Then it’s time to contact the insurance company. Have the policy number ready to read to them. Be prepared to discuss the incident and extent of the damage. The agent will talk about the coverage and deductible. Ask any questions necessary to understand what will be covered for the repairs.

Meet the Adjuster

If the insurance company decides that it’s necessary, an adjuster will be scheduled to come view the damage. Most companies have a person that they use, but it might be possible to hire a public adjuster instead. The adjuster can determine if the damage occurred recently due to a specific event, or over a longer period of time.

Settle the Claim

After the claim has been processed, the insurance company sends out a formal letter with an estimate for the damage and a check to be used to cover the repairs and necessary replacements. Of course, the damage may require taking steps to repair the problem right away. When speaking to the insurance company, discuss what can be done to fix the problem immediately without hurting the claim.

Call Professionals

Considering the extent of the damage, it might be necessary to hire professionals to help remove the water and restore that part of the home. That’s where we come in. We can determine the extent of the damage and make an action plan to fix the problem. It might be necessary to remove parts of the carpet, carpet pad, dry wall, and other parts of the home. For the rest of the area, we will remove moisture and treat damaged areas for mold, too.
When there has been water damage to a property, we want to come help you as soon as possible. However, it’s also important to take the necessary steps in order to get help from your insurance company.