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Your Guide to Water Damage Restoration

There are unfortunately a large number of mistakes that many people make after water damage occurs, because they aren’t sure what steps to take and what improper procedures immediately following a water disaster can do to their property. Well-meaning homeowners often try to DIY the water damage repair and this is simply unsafe and far more ineffective than having a professional take care of it. Here are some basic guidelines to follow in terms of water damage restoration in Roswell to be aware of in case it happens to you.

Hire a Professional

While there are likely some things you can do to protect your home from extensive water damage after a leak, you should always call a professional if the water damage is extensive or if you are unsure of how long the water has been standing. An experienced and licensed water damage restoration company can also help by informing you of your next steps. They might have a few questions over the phone but as soon as you call them, you can start getting to work protecting your home from more damage.

Call Someone in Advance

The best time to call a water damage professional is not when you are standing in your basement, waist deep in water. The best time to find a professional you can trust to repair the damage that water can do in your home is long before you need it. This is particularly important if you live in an area that is particularly prone to flooding when it rains, or in an older home where the plumbing might not be completely up-to-date. You will have a lot more time and feel much less rushed to find a qualified professional when you have someone in mind already when the flood happens.

It May Be Worse Than It Looks

The unfortunate truth about water damage is that it is often worse than it looks. You might see water stains in your ceilings or on your walls, but lurking behind that yellowing spot might be a bigger problem, such as a burst pipe or a mold issue. This is why it is generally better for your situation to call in a professional when you see evidence of water damage in your home.

You Can Help until Help Arrives

While you wait for the water damage restoration professionals to come, there are few things that you can do. To protect your belongings, you can begin moving any personal items around the affected area to another area in your home (as long as the items being moved will not cause any additional damage).
Ultimately, following these tips after a water disaster in your home can save you thousands and even millions of dollars in potential property damage costs. Make sure that you work with the professionals at Integrity Restoration & Remodeling Contractors to mitigate any damages and get your life and home back to normal sooner rather than later.