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How Fast Can Water Damage Ruin Your Home?

A flood can be devastating to your home. Water is seriously destructive, and a flood isn’t the only potential cause of indoor water damage. Plumbing leaks, roof damage, and accidental spills can all cause water to stream, drip, and flood into places where it doesn’t belong.

Water damage restoration companies, like Integrity Restoration & Remodeling, specialize in tending to the most common types of water damage. It takes a different kind of expertise to effectively assess and manage water damage, remove mold, efficiently dry affected areas, and more. That’s why it’s important to call a 24-hour water damage repair team at the first sign of water damage in your home, like soft building materials, moldy odor, or visible flooding. After all, water can devastate homes fairly quickly. How quickly? Let’s dig a little deeper.


Depending on the source of the stray water, damage can happen immediately. Sewage backup and contaminated water from appliances can spread pathogens across your walls and floors on contact. But remember, even clean water can be devastating. Some furniture is ruined the second it gets wet, including those with leather and suede fabrics. Some electronics may also be destroyed the instant that they get wet. Sadly, they may be unsalvageable.

In Minutes

Within several minutes, carpet, wooden furniture, wooden cabinets, and drywall can absorb incredible amounts of water, and it can be very difficult to get them dry. Virtually any porous surface can soak in water and be compromised. While there are water removal specialists who use professional techniques to dry building materials and furniture, the sooner they get to work, the better your chances are of saving your valuables.

In One Day

In about 24 hours, unpleasant odors will become apparent. Settling water can start to attract mold, which will immediately create a musty, dusty odor. If sewage or other contaminated water spills, within one day the odor may be unbearable. You’ll likely have to evacuate your home at this point. Once you can smell these terrible odors, dangerous substances may be in the air, and you can fall ill if you breathe them in for significant periods of time. Also, by this point, certain building materials can soften or swell as they become saturated with moisture.

In a Few Days

It only takes a couple of days for visible fungi to appear. By this point, the rotten smell will be tremendous. Materials like hardwood will start to buckle and warp out of shape. You’ll also notice your wall paint and wallpaper begin to peel away. And at this point, the structure of your home may be compromised. Vital wooden structural pieces can start to swell, warp, or split if they’ve become wet. You cannot inhabit your home at this point. You’ll need to leave immediately because significant structural elements can collapse, putting you and your family in danger.

In Weeks

Within just a few weeks, a home can be essentially ruined by water. Mold will sink into and eat away at walls, ceilings, structural planks, exterior materials like cladding, and floors, breaking them down beyond repair. The only way to save your home at this point would be to gut and renovate the entire structure. 

Thankfully, you can call a water restoration company in Alpharetta long before any of this happens. At the first sign of water damage of any type, call Integrity Restoration & Remodeling Contractors LLC. We’re available 24 hours a day to save your home from water-related damage!


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