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How Professionals Extract Water from Your Home

Have you ever wondered what happens if you call a professional for water extraction? Maybe your house got flooded, and you need water restoration, or perhaps you’re just curious. Either way, we’re going to explain the steps of professional extraction.

Water restoration isn’t just removing water. The process is more detailed and quite technical. You need specific tools and need to do things in a particular order. Let’s go through the steps in detail.

The Process

Step 1

The first thing a professional does is understand the situation and make sure the customer does, too. They shut off the water supply and examine the scene to find out what and where the problem is. Then they give customers an overview of the price and billing options.

Step 2

The next step is protecting the health and safety of everyone living in the house. This is important because leakages can lead to flooding, which can cause a host of health issues. These water restoration experts know how to maneuver their way through flooded rooms.

Note: If you have any physical belongings in the house, leave them where they are. The professionals will get them for you.

Step 3

Now comes one of the most critical steps of the water extraction process: removing the water. The team comes with specialized tools, such as vacuums and submersible pumps, and drains the standing water. This protects your property from any further damage.

Step 4

After water extraction, the professionals dry the affected area. Using dehumidifiers and industrial level fans, they completely dry your floors, walls, carpets, etc. Without Step 4, you will see swelling and mold throughout your house. Doing this right is essential to the integrity of your home, so you should always get professionals to do water restoration.

Step 5

After the water has been removed and dried, your home needs to be cleaned. A flood or leak can cause significant havoc, and undoing it takes a lot of effort. This is when the professionals offer their tools and services to put your house back together.

Step 6

If you go swimming and then leave the wet clothes in a closed bag, a horrible odor develops. The same happens to your house when water collects and stands. So, after the water extraction team has done all the technical water removal, they remove the source of smells. Without this step, it will only get worse as time goes on.

Using industrial level tools, water restoration teams clean your house and remove any items that are too far gone.

When to call a professional

Standing water is like an infection. It spreads and can takes over the entire home. If untreated, it can do irreversible harm and therefore needs to be addressed immediately. Ignoring standing water is not a wise decision, and we suggest calling in professionals such as Integrity Restoration as soon as possible.

At Integrity, we specialize in water extraction and restoration. Here’s a note from a great customer we helped with a water extraction problem.

“Integrity recently completed the restoration at my house after flood water covered most of the first floor. While it was difficult getting the initial water removal and drying completed by one of your competitors, the response from Integrity made a world of difference. I find the Integrity team to be professional and dependable. In a short time, all work was completed as promised.

Having worked with several restoration companies over the last four years, I can say that Integrity has lived up to the company name.”


We appreciated Rebecca’s letter, and look forward to providing you the same level of service!