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How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell in Your House

Whether you’ve had a fire, burned the Sunday bacon, or inherited furniture from relatives who smoke, you’re probably wondering if it’s possible to remove the smell. Smoke smell can be unpleasant and can aggravate allergies and asthma.

Ventilation makes a difference, and scented sprays can cover up the smell temporarily. However, removing the source is the only want to solve the problem permanently.

Ready to learn how to get rid of smoke smell in your house? Here are some tips that can help.

Thorough Cleaning to Remove Smoke Smell

When you’re thinking about how to get smoke smell out of the house, keep in mind that you have to get to the source of the problem. Smoke molecules cling to walls, fabrics, and more, causing the odor.

The only way to truly remove smoke smell is to get rid of those molecules. That requires a thorough cleaning.

Start by airing the home out. Fresh air can make a big difference. Use fans to pull air from the smokey area to the outside. If a specific item is smokey, set it outside in the sun. The UV rays can reduce the odor.

Then, wash all affected surfaces with mild soap or cleaning solutions. Don’t forget to get inside doors, drawers, and cabinets if applicable. Remove any ash or soot and discard it — these materials will continue to be an odor source.

Smoke in Fabrics

Removing smoke from fabrics can be one of the most challenging things you need to do. The porous nature of fabric gives smoke molecules plenty of places to hide.

If you can wash the fabric with one cup of vinegar along with the detergent, that may help. Don’t dry it until the odor is gone. You can also use deodorizing products (but not odor-masking sprays).

You can also spread fabrics with baking soda, which absorbs smells. Lightly coat fabrics or upholstery with baking soda, let it sit overnight, and then vacuum.

Consider Ozone Treatment

The best way to remove odor molecules from all of their hiding places is to use an ozone machine. This requires a short-term evacuation of your home and very specific safety measures.

It’s safer and more effective to hire a professional who can treat your home using ozone and other specialized techniques. If you’ve had a house fire, you’ll definitely want to call a pro. They’ll be able to clean out your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems to remove ash, soot, and smoke residue.

Contact Integrity Restoration for Professional Odor Removal

Whether you’ve had a fire or just have stubborn odors, expert help can make all the difference. If you still aren’t sure how to eliminate smoke odor in the house after using these tips, we’d love to help.

We can provide a full-service restoration or help you get rid of pesky lingering smoke odors. Whether you need reconstruction or simple remediation, we have the expertise you need. If you’re ready to breathe fresher air, contact us today!