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Know All about Water Damage

A building that has experienced a water emergency, whether it was caused by a weather event or a plumbing system failure, has an increased risk of exposing humans to chemicals, injuries, or mold. Each step taken by a professional water restoration company is essential. Not only is it necessary to remove any health or safety hazards that might have resulted, but also to ensure that the structural integrity of the building is restored. Whether it is a flooded basement in a home or water-damage in a multi-floor business, experienced water restoration experts have the tools, training, and knowledge to assess the level of damage and restore the structure. 

Choosing a company is the first step. A company that is established in the Marietta area will likely be a member of the local Better Business Bureau, where you can check out any reviews or issues the company has had with customers, as well as how they resolved any issues. Check out the company’s website and look for certifications from organizations that help create standards within the water restoration industry. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration, for example, has a certification process for water restoration providers to ensure the company has the training and knowledge needed to perform the restoration.

The next step is for the chosen restoration provider to inspect your home or business and assess the damage. A reputable company will respond quickly, because standing water or wet lumber not only encourages mold growth, it increases the chances of severe damage resulting from the water emergency. Most offer a free estimate.

Following the inspection, you’ll be provided with a written estimate containing a detailed list of the extent of the damage, along with the cost of water extraction and any restoration that is required. If you have insurance, you then contact your agent with the details of the damage and the estimated cost for restoration. It’s best to have the water mitigation specialist with you when you call your insurance company to answer any additional questions your agent may have.

Once you’ve approved the repairs, the restoration will begin by extracting water and removing water-soaked carpets and furniture, which will be inspected and cleaned, if possible. Any standing water will be extracted, and the structure will be inspected for signs of water saturation in walls, frame, ceiling and floors. Cleaning services are another part of the mitigation. For example, if your water emergency included sewer backup, the company will remove any hazardous substances that could be harmful and dispose of them in an environmentally safe way that follows legal requirements.

Drying is a key requirement to a successful water damage restoration. Damp or water-soaked walls, floors, or ceilings encourage mold and mildew growth. When wood is wet, it is vulnerable, and if the wood frame of your home or business is affected by water damage, it could become structurally unsound. Water restoration professionals have the equipment and training to dry all areas of the structure effectively.

After the building is dry, restoration can begin. Water mitigation services also include restoration services to bring your home or business back to its original condition before the water emergency occurred. From drywall repair to electrical, plumbing, and floor repair, an experienced water mitigation company provides all services to complete the project. For more information regarding the services offered by water restoration professionals, check out our website at https://www.integrityrest.com/.