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Potential Water Damage Issues for Homeowners

The kind of water damage that stems from a flooding event can be insidious. It can not only cause cosmetic marring of your beautiful home, but it can also lead to structural damage, contamination, and dangerous mold growth if it’s left unmitigated. The list of potential aftereffects of water damage is long, and those floodwater impacts can also be long-lasting. Without proper water damage cleanup in Dunwoody, your home could be irreparably damaged by a single flood.


That’s why prompt water damage repair and restoration is so important in the aftermath of a flooding event of any size or scope. Even clearwater floods from plumbing leaks can have a lasting impact without proper treatment and remediation, which is why it’s a good idea to consult with a company specializing in water damage restoration for even seemingly minor water damage. In the event of a major flood, water damage repair may be too extensive to be attempted alone, so homeowners rely on water damage restoration companies to remove the water and return the property to its previous glory. In either case, the potential impacts of failing to perform water damage restoration can be great. Read here to learn more about a few of the common issues homeowners face after water damage.

Cosmetic Damage

Obviously, when water enters your home or leaks into the walls, there will be cosmetic blemishes that result from the event. That damage can include minor speckling or discoloration of walls and ceilings that can be treated and covered with paint. It also may include swelling and blistering of drywall and deterioration of wood trim. Floodwaters can also discolor paint, damage carpet and flooring, and leave watermarks on furnishings. While many of those issues can easily be resolved with professional water damage restoration, in severe cases, the affected materials must be removed from the home.

Structural Damage

While cosmetic damage to your home and furnishings is obvious, a more insidious impact of water damage is the effect it has on the structure itself. Most homes are built using skeletons made of wood upon which the drywall and siding are hung. Wood, as a porous natural material, soaks up water when it comes in contact with it. When it does that, it swells, which can cause structural components like wall studs, joists, and rafters to bend and warp, thus pulling at the joinery and undermining the structural integrity of the home. If left unabated for long enough, water infiltration can cause the wood to rot as well, which can lead to sagging foundations, cracked walls, warped flooring, or damaged roof decking.

Mold Growth

Mold growth isn’t just unpleasant and unsightly. It’s also a health hazard, particularly to those who suffer from mold allergies or sensitivities. It can lead to eye redness and burning, skin rashes, and difficulty breathing as well as other negative health symptoms. Mold growth is one of the primary consequences of unmitigated water damage. The moisture introduced into the dark spaces under flooring and within walls provides mold with the perfect conditions for explosive growth. Once the mold is aggressively growing, it will begin to release spores and spread throughout your home, extending its damage to areas that may have previously been untouched by water damage.

Secondary Damage

Not only can untreated water damage impact the interior of your home and its underlying structure, but it can also assault several key systems that make household life convenient. Unmitigated moisture in walls, attics, or crawlspaces can lead to damage to your home’s electrical system. That moisture can corrode contacts, cause shorts, and even lead to fire hazards in some cases. It can also affect your plumbing because metal pipes will corrode if constantly exposed to moisture from both sides. Your HVAC system is an electrical appliance, and as such, it can be severely damaged by excess moisture. Water infiltration can also lead to mold growth in your ducts, which will be spread throughout your home by the HVAC unit.


If you experience a flood of any size and scope, your first step should be to contact Integrity Restoration & Remodeling Contractors, one of the best water damage restoration companies in Dunwoody, for a consultation. With professional assistance, you’ll be able to determine the proper steps to mitigate the damage done by the flood event and restore your property to its previous state. Call us today at (770) 966-9987.

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