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How to Prepare for Water Damage in the Spring

With winter fading away, the warmth of spring will be a refreshing sight to see. However, with spring comes a lot of rain. As a result, a lot of people are likely to report water damage. To help save time and money, it’s important to understand what measures you can take to prevent water damage this spring. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your home dry and water-tight:

Exterior: Preventing Buildup

Water damage usually occurs because of some common key causes. One of these occurrences is when water builds up due to some blockage in your gutters. Whether it is leaves or a bird’s nest, a blockage in your gutters can cause a large volume of water to build up. Without a way of safe escape, the water will build up and flood somewhere else, leading to potential damage to both your gutter system and your roof itself.

Exterior: Keeping the Water Away

In addition to keeping drainage smooth, you should also make sure that any water is properly sent safely away. This brings up two particular areas on the outside of your home. First, your roof needs to be kept up to date, so that water can slide right off of it without causing flooding in your upper floors and attics. Secondly, you need to make sure that your downspouts are properly positioned. In combination with splash pads, your downspout should successfully shuttle water at least two meters from your home in order to prevent standing water.

Interior: Spotting Signs of Damage

Sometimes, water damage might be sneakier and harder to prevent, leading to unseen errors in your exterior. Therefore, it is always safe to keep an eye on the inside of your home. Any unexplained stains, cracks, or smells should be looked into in order to find the source of potential water damage and to prevent any further damage from happening.

The spring should be a time of the year that you get out and enjoy. Instead of wasting it paying for water damage, follow the above tips to keep you happy this spring. Until then, it’s important for you to stay safe in your home and entrust your repair needs in the professionals¬†of¬†water damage removal in Woodstock.