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How Do Professionals Handle Fire Damage?

When your home is damaged by a fire, here are the 5 major steps that restoration contractors can take to reverse damage and help you recover.

The first step is to clean soot, debris, and other wreckage from the site. They will also clear out your possessions from the affected areas. Then, your contractor will clean the structure of all fire damage, ash, and smoke stains from all the paint, the insulation, and even the roof.

Your contractor will then rebuild and remodel your property from the inside out, starting with structural reconstruction and ending with final coats of paint and floor finishing.

The next step is smoke odor removal. Professionals have the technology and expertise to remove smoke odors from your property. Smoke lingers in materials and possessions until it’s professionally reversed.

Some contractors will go the extra mile for you, assisting with vital document salvaging, inventory of your possessions, restoration of valuables, clothes laundering, and even the provision of temporary living quarters while they remodel.

Integrity Restoration & Remodeling Contractors LLC is willing to take the extra step for you. We’re fire and water damage restoration professionals, and we’re proud of our experienced team of skilled contractors, as well as the subcontractors we enlist to help rebuild your home until it’s move-in ready again. We’ve been restoring properties from environmental or accident damage since 2002, and we will continue to serve Marietta and Metro Atlanta homeowners when they need it most.

A fire may be devastating, but let us show you how easily our expertise can reverse and restore damage so that you can have your home and possessions back. Contact us for everything from emergency repairs to site damage and recovery. We work with residential and commercial properties, and are licensed and qualified to take on even the most advanced fire damage.