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Protecting Your Stucco Walls from Mold

Stucco is a composite building material, beloved for its low cost and versatility. Depending on how it is applied, its texture can take on many forms, from a bumpy look to a fine, plaster-like finish. If you have a stucco exterior or are considering it for your new build, you’ll want to be careful to prevent and eradicate mold growth. Here’s how.

What does exterior mold on stucco look like?

Mold grows in damp areas where it can feed on organic matter like moss or other plant residues. Check for patches of green, brown, or black material that might look like paint streaks or fuzzy stains. Pay special attention to the stucco near your gutters, around the base of your walls, and near windows and doors. These areas are more likely to grow damp and play host to growing mold spores.

Preventing mold growth

The best solution for mold is to prevent it from growing in the first place. To do that, you’ll need to prevent the conditions in which mold thrives. Watch for any pooling water when it rains. Check for leaks in your gutters. Check for any cracks or fissures in your stucco surfaces. If water can get in behind the stucco, mold will feed on the wood framing and cause further structural damage. Periodically wash your walls with a mixture of water and dish liquid and rinse them thoroughly with a hose or with a pressure washer on a gentle setting. If you keep your exterior walls free from plant matter, stagnant water, and dirt, mold will be far less likely to form.

Removing mold from your stucco exterior

For minor mold issues, you may be able to reverse the growth by cleaning and treating the area. First, brush away any dirt or plant matter with a stiff brush. Next, carefully inspect your walls for any cracks, tears, or areas of extreme wear. If you see that your stucco needs significant repair, call a professional so that you don’t further damage your walls or overlook mold growing behind the stucco.

When to call a professional

Sometimes it’s better to call in the pros to ensure that your mold problem goes away and stays away for good. If you try to remove mold on your own and it doesn’t work or keeps coming back, call a professional like Integrity Restoration for mold remediation services. We can identify all of the areas where mold may be hiding and safely remove it from your walls. We’ll repair and treat the areas to ensure that your home stays safe, clean, and structurally sound for years to come.