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Questions to Ask a Water Restoration Company

Water damage can run the gamut from the mild and manageable to the utterly devastating and disastrous. However, no water damage should ever be ignored. Untreated, water damage always has the potential to worsen. This can lead to further structural damage, as well as potential health issues. When you need help from a local water restoration company, there are a few key questions that you should always ask.

Response Time

Standing water that’s allowed to persist can lead to further damage to property and contribute to health problems. Many water restoration companies pride themselves on a quick response, and many can respond the same day, sometimes within mere hours or minutes of your call. Since time is always of the essence when it comes to water restoration services, you should always look for a company that can respond as quickly as possible. A fast response isn’t just recommended; it’s essential.

Experience and Certifications

How long have they been working in the area? An established water restoration company has proven themselves to be consistent and reliable. Their technicians should also have training and certifications to show that they have the skills necessary to get the job done right the first time. The latest technology and tools are undoubtedly helpful, but they’re no substitute for the training and experience needed to be an effective technician and specialist.


Do they offer a warranty? A warranty demonstrates that the water restoration company is confident in their abilities and are willing to put their reputation and money on the line to show that they’ve done the job properly. If they don’t discuss a warranty on their website, you’re always free to ask. Many companies offer a free, limited warranty. That’s one way that you can have better peace of mind once the job has been done.

ForĀ water damage restoration in Alpharetta, you should always look for established, local companies. Their technicians should be well trained and certified, so that you know they’re capable of handling the task at hand. Ideally, you should also be provided a warranty once the water restoration has been completed. Remember that you never have to go with the first company you call. You’re always free to ask for references, and you may have friends or neighbors who can recommend an excellent water restoration company.