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Why You Should Quickly Report Water Damage

The moment that you notice that your home has suffered from water damage, you need to contact a company to help you remove the water and remedy the situation. Why is this so important? Consider the following 5 reasons to act quickly when you have water damage on your hands:

Mold Growth

Wherever moisture is located, you can bet that there are microbial organisms growing. These organisms lead to mold growth, which can cause serious health problems for those in your household. Some of the health concerns that you should be watching for include rashes, wheezing, coughing, sneezing, and other allergy-related or asthma-related symptoms. Mold can appear within 24-48 hours after the water damage has occurred. For this reason, it’s important to act fast and have the water removed and the area treated as soon as possible.

Structural Damage

Water can destroy the structural integrity of your home. Whether you had a pipe burst, an appliance malfunction, or a broken sprinkler flood your basement, you should have an experienced professional come to your home to assess the damage. It could be unsafe for you to enter the area, especially if you have live wires or other electrical problems. Once the professional has made sure that the area is safe to enter, it’s important to check the drywall, floors, and other areas that were impacted. You may need to remove damaged areas of your home and replace them to ensure that the level of safety and the value of your home won’t decrease.

Black or Gray Water

There are 3 types of water that you may have with water damage: clean water, gray water, or black water. Gray water comes from overflowing toilet, broken dishwashers, or malfunctioning washing machines. Black water comes from raw sewage, as well as, flooded streams and rivers. Both of these types of water carry bacteria and fungi. The unsanitary nature of the water can lead to health problems for those that are exposed to it. Having it removed as soon as possible will reduce the risk of health problems for the people living in your home.

Personal Property Damage

Water won’t just damage your home, but it can damage everything in it: furniture, electronics, pictures, books, and other irreplaceable objects. The quicker that you can take care of these items the better. The smaller items, such as books or pictures, can be removed by you. Find out what you can do to dry these items and protect them from microbial growth. For the larger items, such as furniture, a professional can help you get these off the floor and find the best ways to protect them from permanent damage.

Home Insurance

Check your home insurance policy. You’ll find that you need to take care of the water problem as soon as possible. The longer that you wait to have someone take care of it, the more difficult it will be to remedy the situation. This will equate to greater repairs and bills for the insurance company to cover, so they want you to take care of it as soon as possible.

The moment you notice¬†water damage¬†in your home, it’s time to make the call. The sooner the better if you plan on having your insurance company help cover the costs of remediation.