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How to Recover from a Flood

There are many ways that flood water can inundate a property. Whatever the cause of the flood, it’s important for owners to know what to do immediately after the situation to save or recoup from quickly. A company that specializes in water damage restoration in Roswell, can help you recover right after a flood. But, before you hire someone, read on to find out some useful information to make the restoration project a lot more manageable.

Stay Safe

Don’t start any work in or around the home until the floodwater disappears or is at a minimal level. Turn off the main switch and inspect for possible damages on the foundation, walls, ground, utility lines, etc. Visible cracks, depressions, holes, warping, exposed electric wires, and loose materials are some of the things that you should note. Secure the property and look for a safe place to stay if the property is too unstable after the flood.

Document the Damage

Take plenty of photos or videos to give to your insurer. The more proof you have of the extent of damages, the better you’ll be able to claim the right amount for repairs or replacement. The best water damage restoration companies in Roswell, can walk you through the process for a reasonable claim from your insurer. Immediately notify your insurance company after the water subsides.

Some types of flooding may not be within the scope of your insurance coverage. Inquire about what is covered before you purchase a policy, just to ensure coverage when it happens.

Avoid Wading through Contaminated Water

Floodwater could have contaminants that can potentially carry diseases. Always wear protective gear when assessing your property. Gum boots, waders, and rubber gloves are essential items that you should have. Try not to drink from the tap for the time being. Boil the water if you have no other source of drinking water.

Coordinate with Government Agencies

Look for state calamity funds that you can use. Your insurer can also advise you if such a grant is available to homes that are within the disaster area.

Pump Water out and Clean the Area

After communicating with your insurer, remove the water out from the property. You may rent the equipment you need from a company that provides services for water restoration in Roswell. Clean the area to prevent mold growth. Throw and replace unsalvageable items, again, taking care to photograph everything. You can use bleach to scrub the lines left by the water.