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Safety Measures to Take While Handling Water Damage

Anyone can experience water damage, and in some cases, property owners are unable to fix things right away. When this happens, it’s essential to know the best steps to take to ensure safety and to prevent additional damage to your property. Also, you may need to wait awhile until it is safe enough for an expert in water restoration in Alpharetta to work on the damage.

Turn off the Main Switch

In case of flooding and submerged electrical wires, make sure to turn off the main switch to avoid electrocution and fire hazards. Even when power is down, don’t compromise your safety by leaving the fuse box on. It will also help to call someone to fix your power lines if you suspect damage. In case of flooding, reach out to a water restoration company in Alpharetta to inspect your sewer and pipes for breaks as soon as the water subsides.

Document the Extent of Damage

Record the amount of water damage for the insurance company by taking photos and videos. Take as many pictures as you can of warping furniture, fixtures, carpeting, walls, basement, ceiling, exteriors, and walkways. Also, document holes and uneven ground so experts can identify potential sinkholes in your area. As soon as you have documented the damage enough, ring your insurance company to notify them of your claim. Avoid making major repairs before the adjuster’s visit.

Wear Protective Gear when Inspecting the Property

Wear gloves and wet gear when investigating the flooded property. Be wary of uneven earth, exposed sharp objects and parts of collapsed areas, deep water, and even strong currents when you do so for safety. If you get injured, wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water and get to the nearest clinic to get your antibiotics and shots to prevent catching infectious flood-borne diseases.

Proper Waste Disposal

Dispose of waste properly to avoid injuring yourself, family members, and other people who might visit your property. Isolate and contain harmful chemicals to prevent poisoning pets and people. Sharps must be placed in proper containers to prevent others from getting injured. Throw away unsalvageable items to prevent mold growth and serious diseases.

Document Agreement with Insurance Company

Record everything you discuss with the insurance adjuster. Documenting will provide you with proof of agreed terms with your insurance company. Call Integrity Restoration, the best water restoration companies in Alpharetta. We can help you take note of the scope of damage if you are clueless about it.

If the property proves too unsafe to live in, temporarily rent out or stay in relatives’ home until the insurance adjuster assesses the damage and until authorities deem your property safe to occupy.