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Safety Tips to Prevent Water Damage

Water damage can be expensive and devastating. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to help prevent water damage to your home, and to hopefully catch any water damage before it spreads very far. Here are just a few things that can be done to prevent water damage.

Check Your Water Bill

Looking at your water bill each month can give you a good idea about your usual water usage. If you have a spike in water usage without any reasonable explanation, it can indicate a water leak somewhere. These leaks can be small, but damaging. Investigating a high water bill can save you money and prevent ongoing water leakage from flooding or ruining your home.

Clean Out Roof Gutters

Clogged or blocked roof gutters are a common cause of water damage. When a gutter is blocked, water draining from the roof has to find a way around the block. This means it can drain into the foundation, into the house or basement, or even through holes in the roof. Most people are in the good habit of cleaning these gutters once a year, but that may not always be enough. Checking these gutters often enough to prevent debris buildup can help you avoid water damage.

Grease Disposal

Grease should never be put down the drain. Putting grease down the drain can clog pipes and cause serious blockages. Many people assume that if they pour it down with really hot or cold water, or even with dish detergent, that it won’t cause any damage. Taking the risk isn’t worth it. You should find other ways to dispose of your grease instead of putting it down the drain and risking possible water damage.

Leaky Appliances

Checking any appliances that use water every so often is a great safety habit that can prevent water damage. There are usually quite a few different appliances in the home that use water, so it may be time consuming, but this tip is very important. Looking for any signs of water damage or leaking water around the appliance, as well as checking how the appliance is running, can help you avoid any serious issues.

Yard Drainage

Checking your yard and plants for any drainage or flooding is very important, especially if you have a basement. Drainage problems can come on slowly, so checking for malfunctioning sprinklers, wet spots, or soggy or sinking ground can help you find areas that could potentially cause water damage.


Turning off the water in your home before you leave on vacation can prevent unwanted flooding or water damage, and can also ease some anxiety. A lot of water problems happen while homeowners are away, so turning off the water completely before leaving can help you avoid these issues altogether.
Though water damage can be very upsetting, it is usually preventable. Small things like checking your water bill, cleaning the gutters, and turning off your water while on vacation, can help you avoid potential water damage. If you find water damage while checking your yard or appliances for leaks, there are a lot of companies that can help with water damage in Marietta, and many other cities.