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How Standing Water Can Harm Your Health

It can seem a little absurd to consider a small pool of standing water a nuisance, but many people overlook how harmful standing water can be. Standing water, also referred to as stagnant water, in or around your home can cause serious issues both to the structure of your home and your health. That’s why it’s important to be aware of any water that collects and sits in certain areas like sinks, basements, or under rugs and carpets. There are many different causes for standing water, like leaks or poor drainage systems, but regardless of the cause, these issues need to be fixed promptly and correctly. Here are a few reasons why you should never ignore standing water in your home.


Stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria and other parasites that can be very dangerous to your health. Remember that bacteria grow in moist places, so a pool of sitting water can become a perfect place for bacteria to thrive. Just remember that the longer it sits, the more dangerous the water becomes.


There are many insects that breed and grow in standing water, but mosquitoes are especially high-risk. Since mosquitos carry blood-borne diseases, like dengue and malaria, it is vital to have stagnant water removed as soon as possible. If you live in wet and hot climates, it’s recommended to fix these issues immediately. Besides being a huge annoyance, insects bred from sitting water can be very harmful.


All different kinds of vermin, like rats, possums, and mice are constantly on the lookout for sources of standing water. Rodents often carry diseases and can easily infect someone in your home if they’re lured in from the outside. No one wants to find infected rats in any vicinity near their home. If you happen to notice stagnant water in or around your property, it’s important to call a service that offers 24-hour water damage removal in Alpharetta.