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The Steps Professionals Take for Water Extraction

When you’ve had a leak or flood in your home, you’re going to need to hire professionals to help you with water extraction. You can attempt to handle the situation on your own, but you need certain tools to help you move quickly and limit the amount of damage that takes place. Here are the steps that they will take to make sure that all of the water is removed to protect your possessions from mold and mildew as much as possible:

  1. Start by turning off electricity to the area. If you have any outlets under water or electrical appliances that are wet, you could electrocute yourself if you touch the water or any of these appliances. You may need to contact the power company to help you.
  2. Remove any personal possessions from the area. Move them to a dry area to allow them to start drying. This will also make it easier to remove the water in the room and check the area for any problems.
  3. A submersible pump, continuous pump, or wet-dry vacuum will be brought in to start removing standing water throughout the room. These are portable extraction units that can work in water without the dangers of electrocution. They are gas-powered or truck-mounted for extra power.
  4. A hygrometer and moisture detectors will be brought in to measure the moisture and saturation levels. From there, you’ll determine whether there is moisture in the carpet pad, walls, and other areas of the room.

The moment that you notice a flood in your home, you need to hire professionals to assist you with water extractionThey will have the knowledge, experience, and tools needed to make sure that as much of the water is removed as possible. When this is done properly and quickly, the severity of the damage to your home will be reduced. Contact the professionals to handle this aspect of everything, so you can focus on drying out your possessions and making sure that nothing was damaged or destroyed in the flood.