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Steps to Take When Water Damage Occurs

Flooding is not uncommon in Marietta and the surrounding cities. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, you’ll want to be prepared and know what actions to take when your home has water damage.

Water can do a lot of damage in very little time, so acting quickly is vital to saving your home and your belongings inside.

Steps to Take after a Flood

  1. If you have enough advanced warning, move everything most valuable in your home to higher ground before the flood. Remove the items that are most important to you so they will not have any chance of being damaged by the water.
  2. Get out of the home when the flood begins, if not before.
  3. Turn off the power to the home before you re-enter it. A mixture of water and electricity can result in electrocution, which can seriously harm or even kill a person. You should also make sure that no contaminated or harmful fluids, such as sewage or gasoline, got into your home along with the floodwater. If they did, then items such as mattresses, sofas, pillows, and carpeting will need to be thrown away.
  4. Take out wet (but uncontaminated) items that can be removed from the home and place them in the sun. They may be saved if they can dry out. You’ll want to be extra careful with wooden items, as the wood can warp and splinter when it gets wet.
  5. Start removing the water from your home right away. The best way is to pump it out. You can rent a pump to do this on your own, but you may want to call a professional to take care of this task for you.

Whether your flooding problem was caused by Mother Nature or a broken pipe, if you need Marietta water removal, our professionals can accomplish this quickly and then find all the moisture that is left behind. This moisture is what can cause most of the damage to your home, especially in the form of mold. Every bit of wetness will need to be found and dried out—and it will need to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.