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How Does a Storm Surge Cause Water Damage?

Hurricanes and other major storms are responsible for devastating damage to homes and businesses. One side effect of their damage is a storm surge. Surges, or flooding from a rising nearby body of water, can devastate homes. These are some of the problems associated with storm surges, and how water damage in Woodstock can plague your home.

Notes on Storm Surges

Based on the time of day, the tides of nearby bodies of water will either be high or low. A storm that causes heavy winds and rainfall, though, can make the water levels rise to excess heights. A storm surge can reach the level of your home or business and flood it from the outside in. Flooding is especially common if the soil becomes saturated with water, which is common during heavy storms. According to FEMA, flooding is the most common and expensive natural disaster in America, which means that you may someday fall victim to its effects.

Types of Damage

Even an inch of water inside your home due to a storm surge can be incredibly damaging to just about every single component of the building, including your flooring, cabinetry, walls, baseboards, electronics, plumbing, and even appliances. Damage can include materials developing mold and losing their structural integrity when they get wet. Thankfully, flood insurance may cover the cost of this damage when it occurs on your property.

What to Do

Water damage removal is your best course of action against the effects of a storm surge, and the faster you enlist these services, the better. How does water damage repair work? It is an intensive process that involves suctioning out water, inspecting your property for signs of mold growth, and removing waterlogged materials like carpet and hardwood flooring. Water restoration may even involve rebuilding certain features of your property.

If your property has fallen victim to a storm surge and ensuing water damage in Woodstock, find a water restoration contractor in your area. They can help you restore the damage so that you can live and work safely again.