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Tips for Spotting Water Damage

Water damage can be expensive, and it can pose a danger to the health of you and your family. One way to prevent water damage repair in LaGrange is to spot trouble early. Here are some tips for spotting water damage.


Sight and smell can help detect water damage to your floor. In tile or wood floors, look for buckling or warping. If you have carpet, watch for damp spots or spots where the carpet rises. You may smell mold or dampness. A spongy floor can indicate that water had damaged floorboards.


You may spot water stains on the floor around a bathtub, toilet, or sink. Stains on the ceiling of a room below a bathroom may indicate a problem with pipes or caulking around your bathroom fixtures. Make sure the caulking around tubs, showers, and other fixtures hasn’t eroded, allowing water to seep onto the floor. Also, look for orange discoloration in toilet bowls and a similar stain in bathtubs. This could indicate hard water, which, if not treated, can corrode plumbing.


Check your attic for signs of water damage. One common place for a problem is a connector area where roof planes join. Make sure insulation is dry. Examine your attic for sunlight coming through the roof. This may be a sign of a leak.


Your basement is the most vulnerable to water damage. Look for water stains on the wall. Make sure you don’t see signs of rust. Any strange odor could be caused by the presence of moisture, which can lead to mold or other problems.

Water Heater

Check around your water heater for rust or damp spots. Rust can indicate a slow leak. Any corrosion around a pipe connection can also be a sign of water seepage. When water stagnates, bacteria and mold can develop and grow. You may detect an unpleasant odor in the area.


If you spot a water stain on your ceiling, take steps to determine the source. The problem isn’t going away and will only get worse with time. A professional can use special equipment to detect a leak or other source of the problem.


You may notice buckling in doors, walls, or window frames. When wood and drywall absorb water, they swell, causing the buckling. It can be from a major event, like a busted pipe, or result from small leaks that have gone undetected.


Be on guard for problems with your roof. Missing or damaged shingles can lead to leaks. Pooled water on your roof indicates water isn’t flowing properly from your roof.

House Perimeter

Pools of water outside your home can indicate poor drainage. A gutter that needs repairs or to be cleared of leaves and other debris can cause water to overflow from the gutter. Your downspouts may not be far enough from your home, causing water to collect by your home and damage your foundation.

Spotting water damage early is a good defense to costly repair and damage to your house. If your house becomes flooded as the result of heavy rainfall, a slow leak, or a broken pipe, it’s crucial to contact one of the best water restoration companies in LaGrange. Call Integrity Restoration and Remodeling Contractors LLC at (770) 966-9987 to return your home to a dry, clean, and healthy environment. We use the best methods of water damage restoration.


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