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Tips for Handling a Flooded Basement

The moment that you discover that your basement flooded, you need to start your emergency flood cleanup in Marietta. There are steps that you need to take to handle the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible to protect your basement and everything and everyone in it. Here are 6 tips that you should consider.

Contact the Insurance Company

If you have flood insurance, start by contacting your insurance company. Talk to them about the extent of the damage and find out what they’ll cover. They may need to send an insurance adjuster to your home to inspect the damage before issuing the check.

Remember Safety First

When walking into the basement, pause and check out the surroundings before stepping into the scene. If the basement flooded due to widespread flooding in the area, there could be structural issues as the foundation being unsupported. Also, turn off any electricity to the area, and don’t touch wet electronics.

Identify flammable chemicals and substances, and be cautious working around them. If possible, you should move them to a different location.

Move Your Possessions

Move any furniture that is vulnerable to water damage. Wood furniture and carpet are the most susceptible. Start by moving wood furniture to a different location. If it’s too heavy to lift, then you should place it on cinder blocks and put a plastic tarp between the furniture and the water.

If you have other possessions that were damaged by the water, go ahead and move them out of the space. Start drying them out to limit the amount of damage that they receive.

Check Basement Equipment

If the water reached your HVAC equipment, you need to have it checked out by a professional. Water can damage a boiler, heater, air conditioner, and other equipment. Make sure that a professional checks out the equipment and ensures that it’s working properly before using it again.

Circulate Air

Use a wet vacuum to suck up excess water from the carpet and other areas of the basement. Then get air circulating throughout your basement in order to help dry the area out as quickly as possible. You can open doors and windows, run the air conditioner at a low temperature, or use fans or a dehumidifier. Get heavy duty fans from professionals for the best results.

Hire a Professional

One of the best tips that you can follow is to hire a professional. Within 48 hours of water getting into your basement, mold is going to grow. Mold growth leads to health problems for the people living in your home, and it can damage the structural integrity of the home. Professionals will act fast to clear the water and protect your possessions. If mold grows, then professionals can treat it or help you determine the next steps to take to fix the problem.

When it comes to emergency flood cleanup, you need to act fast to get the situation under control and prevent further damage to your home and possessions. Make sure that you have the people in your corner to help you through the process. From your insurance company to a restoration company, everyone can work together to help get your basement back to square one.