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Tips To Prepare for Flood and Water Damage Restoration Aftermath

A flooding event of any proportion can be devastating for those who must live through it. Damaged homes, lost property, and possible displacement are all likely consequences of a flood, especially those that involve natural disasters or storm surge. The water damage caused by flood isn’t limited to mold growth and the saturation of structures, as it can also involve harmful pathogens that can be found in flood water. That’s why professional water damage restoration in Kennesaw is critical in the wake of a flood to help you recover what’s salvageable and rebuild what’s not.

Despite the ravaging nature of floods when it comes to your personal property, there are some steps you can take prior to a flood that will help to mitigate the destruction and expedite water damage cleanup following the event. When it comes to water damage, time is a critical factor, and anything you can do to speed the mitigation and restoration along will be beneficial in the aftermath of a flood. Keep reading to learn a few tips that can help you prepare for flood and water damage so that restoration can swiftly take place afterwards.

Gather Important Documents

If you know that a flood is imminent, one of the best things you can do is gather your critical documents and assemble them in a central location. That will allow you to grab them in the event you are forced to evacuate, and you won’t have to worry about leaving irreplaceable paperwork behind. Things like insurance documents, birth certificates, vital records, stocks and bonds, deeds, and titles should be included in your parcel. Take it a step further by placing them in a waterproof container and staging them near a likely exit. Having those critical documents in hand after a flood will help you begin the recovery process immediately, and you won’t have to track down those documents from overwhelmed local authorities and businesses.

Assemble Key Valuables

You can’t take everything with you if you have to evacuate, but it’s okay to grab a backpack of box of treasured valuables to carry along with you. Family heirlooms, fine jewelry, photographs, and other cherished tokens can be staged for easy pickup during evacuation. Just be selective with what you take, as you may have limited space in a shelter or in the homes of friends and family.

Move Personal Property to Higher Ground

Another good tactic for mitigating the amount of damage caused by a flood is to utilize the high ground in your home. In a multi-story dwelling, this can simply mean moving key furnishings and electronic devices to the second or third story to protect them from rising floodwaters. If you only have a single-story home, you can put small furniture in the attic. You can also stack your furniture in a single-story home to protect it from rising waters. While you may have to sacrifice one piece of furniture for the greater good, you could save several other pieces in the process.

Turn Off Utilities

When evacuation becomes imminent, one of the last things you should do before leaving your home is turn off the major utilities feeding into it. Shut off your water, gas, and electricity at the meter, as this will help speed along the restoration process and help protect the lives of those who will be coming to your aid. For example, shutting off the electricity will allow restoration crews to immediately survey the damage to your home as soon as the floodwater recede instead of waiting for the power company to confirm the power is off before entering. The same is true for your gas, as a natural gas leak can prevent your restoration effort from beginning in earnest.

Once the floodwaters recede, you should immediately contact a provider of emergency water removal in Kennesaw, GA, to help you begin the process of flood recovery. By taking the right steps before the waters rise, you can streamline the recovery process and protect your valuable goods in the meantime. To learn more tips you can use to help facilitate the post-flood restoration process, contact Integrity Restoration & Remodeling Contractors at (770) 966-9987.


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