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Top Causes of Commercial Water Damage

If you’ve ever dealt with water damage, you know just how insidious its continuing effects can be. Without proper water damage cleanup and restoration, the impact of your water damage can fester beyond your sight, causing potential health risks and structural damage if it’s left unchecked. In a commercial property, the need to prevent that from happening is even more urgent since it not only impacts you, but your employees, clients, and customers. That’s why water damage restoration in Alpharetta is critical in the wake of a commercial flood to deal with the damage done and head off any future issues that could be ongoing if the water is not completely removed.

Flooding doesn’t only occur as a result of a swollen river or natural disaster. There are multiple mundane causes behind flooding events that can cause commercial water damage. Keep reading to learn more about some of the more common causes of water damage in the context of a commercial setting.

Natural Disasters

When excess rains fall, rivers become overfilled. As a result, they sometimes breach the banks and run through civilization in their ongoing quest to find the path of least resistance to their downhill destination. Unfortunately, if your business stands in the way of that journey, you’re likely to experience significant flood damage.

Faulty Windows

Windows don’t just provide a portal to the outside world or a way for customers to see your wares from the street. They also help to seal out the elements and protect everything in your business from exposure to the forces of nature. However, when windows begin to fail, or if they are not properly maintained, water can infiltrate your commercial site, sometimes without your knowledge. Over time, that can result in significant water damage that can develop into more serious structural problems or foster dangerous or unsightly mold growth.

Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems can strike at any time. When they do, a major leak can quickly fill your business with water in little time, especially if the leak happens to occur after-hours when no one is on-site to notice it. Plumbing problems usually involve clearwater, which means that the clean-up need not be as extensive as with other types of floodwater. However, it still must be removed from the premises quickly, and it can damage the structure of your building.

Leaking Roof

Unlike residential buildings, many commercial buildings have flat roofs since they offer a more cost-effective way of covering expansive square footage. However, flat roofs can develop leaks, especially if the drainage system serving the roof is backed-up or non-functional. When that happens, water will find its way into your business, and it can cause substantial damage to the structure as well as everything in it.


Though it may seem counterintuitive, even a minor fire can result in commercial water damage to your building. First, fire and the accompanying heat rises, meaning that a small fire can compromise your ceiling and roof if it’s not immediately extinguished. Extinguishing the fire can bring problems of its own since that will require water to be applied to the fire. If you have an automatic fire sprinkler system, there could be an immense amount of water damage in the wake of a commercial fire.

HVAC Issues

Your commercial air conditioner doesn’t just cool the interior air in your business. It also dehumidifies it. Therefore, your AC unit must have a way to collect and drain the water that comes from condensation. IF that system fails or becomes clogged, you could find yourself with a great deal of water damage when the water has nowhere else to go but through the ceiling.

There are many potential causes of commercial water damage in Alpharetta, and they don’t all pertain to disasters like floods and fires. Flooding can occur in your business due to far more mundane causes like plumbing problems or a leaky roof. Regardless of the cause, prompt water damage restoration is needed to prevent additional damage and restore the property to its former state. To learn more about the causes of commercial water damage, contact Integrity Restoration & Remodeling at (770) 966-9987.