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Understanding the Four Degrees of Water Damage

Water damage is a significant problem. It can compromise the stability of your home and pose a danger to your family. While some types of water damage are less serious and easier to repair, other types can result in the loss of your house. Understanding the four degrees of water damage will allow you to determine the severity of the situation.  

First Degree Water Damage

The smallest water-related events occur in a small part of a single room, often from the spilling of water from a sink or leaky pipe. This type of water damage will not seep into the baseboards or enter the walls, ensuring that there is no harm to the building or its occupants. Cleaning up these situations is usually uncomplicated as long as it’s handled quickly. If the water is allowed to sit and pool where it has settled, further problems could arise, so it’s important to clean up and dry the area as quickly as possible.

Second Degree Water Damage

Rather than occurring in a small part of a room, a second-degree water-related incident will affect the entire room. It will have made contact with absorbent materials such as wood flooring, saturated drywall, or wood that sits behind walls. These materials will become threatened by the water if they’re not handled quickly. Mold is often a major threat when this kind of water damage arises. The mold can grow within 24 hours and may have negative health effects on those occupying the building. This type of damage requires professional remediation as soon as possible to prevent any structural or health problems.

Third Degree Water Damage

This type of water damage will affect multiple rooms in a building. It usually originates from something that serves as a supply of a large amount of water, such as a plumbing supply line. Water will typically pour out of the line and begin to the fill the room with water. Depending on where this water damage originates, it could result in a collapsed ceiling or damaged electrical components. A non-professional attempt to handle this type of water damage could create a health hazard. This type of problem should only be handled by professionals.

Fourth Degree Water Damage

The most severe cases of water damage are usually caused by weather-related flooding. This type of water may contain dangerous toxins such as raw sewage or chemicals. In these cases, the home will likely have been submerged in water for an extended period of time. This will compromise the structural stability of the home and may result in a loss of the building.

Any type of water damage is a dangerous situation because it can cause harm to the structural stability of the building and could create health hazards for the occupants. If your home is compromised by water, call your go-to business for emergency water removal in Kennesaw, GA: Integrity Restoration and Remodeling Contractors. They’ll assess the damage and have your house back to normal in no time.