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How Does Water Damage Affect Your Home?

Water can cause a surprising amount of damage when even a small amount floods your home. There are many causes of water damage, from heavy rainstorms, leaky pipes, to overflowing sinks and toilets. When it strikes, it’s important to schedule emergency flood cleanup in Kennesaw as quickly as possible, or you may face serious consequences.

Interior Damage

Damage to your home is the most common effect of leaks and flooding. Even a small leak can cause wood to rot or grow warped. The very structure of your home can be weakened if the leak reaches a wall or foundation. Water can also cause significant damage to the belongings inside your home. Any electronics, papers, or other delicate items can be lost forever to a single flood. Luckily, many of these items can be saved with timely water damage cleanup in Kennesaw. The faster you act, the more can be saved.

Mold Growth

It only takes 1 to 2 days for mold to begin growing in a moist environment. Mold can cause allergy and asthma symptoms, as well as a variety of respiratory diseases. It’s particularly dangerous to the young and the old, or anyone with a weak immune system. Some forms of mold can be even more dangerous, leading to neurological problems and even death.

One of the reasons mold is such a problem is because it often continues growing inside walls and furniture long after the visible water has been cleared away. Professionally drying and cleaning the area is often the only way to remove or prevent this hidden mold.

Contaminated Water

Flooding can present additional dangers depending on the types and amounts of contaminants in it. Basic rainwater, for example, is not too dangerous on its own. However, if the rainwater runs through chemical-laden fields before reaching your home, it can bring these potentially hazardous chemicals into contact with your home and family. Water from overflowing toilets and other waste water is even more dangerous. Schedule emergency water removal in Kennesaw immediately, then stay out of the affected area until it’s restored to normal.