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Water Damage Removal Made Easy with These Effective DIY Tips

If you’ve ever experienced a flooded basement or other standing water in the home, you know that it’s a situation that needs attention right away. Homes can become flooded for many reasons including busted pipes, broken sump pumps, foundation issues, or unexpected rainfall. Whatever the reason may be, you need professional water damage removal in Alpharetta right away. Although the professional route is always the preferred way to go, sometimes homeowners can save money by fixing water damage with these DIY tips.

Always Be Safe

Before you begin the cleanup process make sure the electricity in the affected area is turned off. When standing water is present, you cannot operate fans or heating mechanisms. So, protect yourself and your home by turning off the electricity to the area until all water has been removed.

Remove the Water

To start, remove as much standing water from your basement as possible. Use buckets to manually move the water out of the area. Never attempt to use a vacuum or shop vacuum when there is standing water. This is an electrical hazard. In cases when there is too much water to manually remove, it’s probably best to hire a professional for water removal.

Remove Water-Soaked Items

After the standing water is gone, you’ll need to remove any water-soaked items from the area. These items may be couches, chairs, tables, and other personal items. Companies that offer water damage cleanup in Alpharetta can do this for you, but many homeowners find that the cost is rather high. This is one area where you can save some money and do the hard, messy labor yourself. Keep in mind that water-soaked items may also include drywall, flooring, base boards, and areas behind the walls too.

Dry Out the Basement

Mold can form within 24-48 hours after moisture is present. With this short time frame, it’s important to dry out affected areas as soon as possible because mold can be a health hazard. Once there is no longer any standing water, turn the electricity back on and run a fan in the area to dry concrete, flooring, and any other materials. You may also want to open windows and doors to speed up the process.

Disinfect the Area

You’ll also want to disinfect the affected areas. Easy solutions are Pine-sol and water combinations, but some homeowners opt to use bleach too. If you’d rather go the natural route, visit your local home improvement store for green solutions.

Water damage in Alpharetta homes can be quite severe and should be dealt with right away. The quicker water is removed and the area is dried out, the quicker repairs can be made. While DIY methods save money, it’s always a good idea to contact professional service for water damage repair in Alpharetta. If cost is a concern, contact your insurance company to find out if these services are covered as part of your homeowners’ insurance package.