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Why Water Damage Removal is Necessary

A flooded house can be a nightmare. If your home is affected by standing water, it’s important that you take care of the problem immediately. While there are certain steps homeowners can take to remove water, it’s always best to call for professional water damage removal in Roswell.

Dangers of Water to Your Health

Once water begins to accumulate in your house, it will get behind walls and soak carpeting and furniture. If the water is allowed to sit in one spot, it becomes a breeding ground for mold. Mold spores are present in any house but require a dark warm place with some humidity to begin to grow. They don’t even need a puddle, just the humid air is enough for the spores to thrive. Standing water is also a breeding ground for bacteria, especially if it comes from a backed up sewer or broken drain. As this dirty water dries in your basement, the bacteria and germs are left behind.

Dangers of Water to Your House

Water does just as much damage to your house if not taken care of. Any wood in the structure of the house will begin to swell if left in standing water. If the water is not entirely dried out, the wood will begin to rot and crumble. As the wood breaks down, the structural supports for the house will fall, creating a very dangerous situation for you and your family. The water will also create cosmetic problems in the walls and floors. Drywall and wood paneling will break down very quickly. Wall coverings like paint and wallpaper will begin to bubble and pull away from the wall. Tiles will begin to pop off the subfloor while wood and engineered flooring will begin to warp and twist.

Steps in Clean Up

Hiring a professional to handle water damage removal in Roswell means your house will be dry and sanitized when they’re done. The first thing they’ll do is bring in a pump to pump the standing water out to the sewers. Once the water level recedes, the technicians will use a wet vacuum to clean up any puddles that remain. Any affected flooring will be removed and they will pull off all drywall up to the water line. This allows for the areas within the walls to dry completely. If the water is from a broken drain or sewer pipe, the technician will clean all the affected areas and sanitize them. Once everything is opened up and cleaned, large fans will begin to circulate the air, drying things out. Depending on the season, the technician may employ an industrial dehumidifier to help pull the moisture out of the building.

Water damage removal in Roswell is usually best left to a professional company. If you have a pipe break while you’re home and you get the water turned off quickly, the damage is usually minimal and can be cleaned up. If you’re not home, the damage can be extensive and you won’t even know about some of it until months or years later.