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Water Damage vs Flood Damage: What You Need to Know

Did you know that there is actually a difference between flood damage and water damage? This is an important differentiation, especially if you’re trying to make an insurance claim for damage done to your home. You should definitely be aware of the differences between water damage and flood damage now, rather than ending up with a nasty surprise after your home floods.

So, here’s what you need to know about the differences between water damage and flood damage.

Flood Damage

While most homeowners’ insurance policies will cover what they define to be water damage, the majority of policies do not cover flood damage. So how do they differentiate between the two? Flood damage is defined as a result of a natural disaster that causes flooding to one or more properties, or in more than two acres of land.

For example, imagine you live a suburban area close to a lake. During a heavy rainstorm, the lake overflows its banks and several properties have water in their homes. This would fall under the category of flood damage.

Because such cases don’t usually fall under your standard homeowners’ insurance policy, it is best to purchase flood insurance for your home. This will ensure any natural disasters and any water removal in Kennesaw are covered.

Water Damage

Water damage, on the other hand, is defined as damage that impacts only your property. As a general rule of thumb, if your home has been impacted, but none of your neighbors are having any problems, then it will likely be a water damage claim. Common examples include broken pipes and other plumbing issues. However, even natural disasters can cause damage that is classified as water damage.

For instance, if there were a heavy rainstorm as described above, but your home was flooded due to a leaky roof instead of an overflowing lake, this would be considered water damage. Or, if there were hail in the storm that broke your windows, and water got into your home, this would also be considered water damage.

To ensure that standard¬†water damage cleanup in Kennesaw¬†is covered, read your homeowners’ insurance policy carefully. And if you want to make sure flood cleanup is covered, be sure to purchase additional flood insurance.