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Water Extraction Is a Must Do after a Flood

After a flood, the cleanup process can be overwhelming. But did you know that even in the event of a small flood, such as a flooded basement, water extraction is very important? Water extraction is simply the process of removing all of the moisture from your home. While you may think that you have removed all of the water by cleaning up all the moisture that you can see and setting a fan to dry out the rest, a Roswell water restoration company can remove even more water; water that is hidden from view and can cause a lot of damage if you allow it to remain.

The Danger of Hidden Moisture

A flood tends to send water into every crevice in your home. Nothing is spared—all of your books, furniture, carpets, clothing, pictures, and more can suffer from water damage. Sopping up the water on the floor and drying out the carpets and cushions in your couch is not thorough enough to prevent further damage from occurring. Extensive water extraction is necessary whenever you have water flood your home.

You can find the impact of hidden water when you look at the bottom of your bookshelves, for example. Notice how the wood is swollen? That is water that has gotten into the wood. Now, removing the moisture will not reverse the damage done to your belongings but not getting rid of the remainder of hidden water can cause further damage that you do not want to deal with. In a single word, this damage is called mold.

The Danger of Mold

Mold is a tricky beast to tame because it is silent and difficult to control when the conditions are favorable. There are 3 basic things that mold needs to thrive in your home: moisture, warmth, and something to feed on. The moisture is evident after a flood. Any hidden moisture in the walls or floor of your home becomes the prime breeding ground for mold to grow. If you are living in your home, the temperature is not going to be the limiting factor in mold growth. If you keep your home at a comfortable temperature for you to live in, it is warm enough for mold to live in as well. The last factor at play is food for the mold, which consists of organic matter. This means skin cells, dust, dirt, wood (like your furniture) or even the fibers in your carpet. The bottom line here is you cannot remove the food that mold feeds from.

Removing the mold spores is not possible either. In fact, mold spores are ubiquitous in everyone’s home. It is the overgrowth of mold that becomes a health issue. The important factor is preventing mold from settling down and reproducing, causing a dramatic increase in mold spores and impacting your health in several negative ways.

This means the only thing you can do is keep the moisture down to proper levels. This will help maintain a safe level of mold spores in your environment and prevent hidden damage to your home. If you have experienced a flood, you need to contact a local water restoration company for water extraction in Roswell, GA, to prevent further damage!