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Water Leaking from Ceiling: How to Minimize Water Damage

Water is a source of life outdoors, a provider of greenery, healthy wildlife, and cool weather. Water inside your home is another story, though. Stray moisture outside of kitchen and bathroom appliances is a destructive substance that contributes to mold, rot, material degradation, and intensely awful odors.

A leaky ceiling, in particular, is a homeowner’s nightmare. What should you do if you see a leak? How do you prevent water damage so extensive that a contractor will have to repair it? Contractors can restore homes, reversing the effects of severe water damage in Alpharetta, but the best way to protect your home and minimize repair costs is to prevent the damage from spreading. Here are some ways we recommend you act at the first sign of a ceiling leak.

Identify the Signs and Severity

The signs of a ceiling leak are fairly obvious. If you feel raindrops from above and you are actually indoors, then you have a leak. The hard part is diagnosing the severity of the leak. Look for the following:

These signs of a severe leak require immediate action. Nonetheless, there is no such thing as a benign leak, so you will need to proceed with the following steps.

Contain the Leaking Water

Place a large trash can or bucket under all drip sites. Containing the water can save your flooring, furniture, rugs, and other valuables.

Protect Your Valuables

You will then need to isolate the leak. Pull all valuables away from the leak site. Anything of sentimental value or that would be hard to replace should be locked up somewhere safe or at least taken out of the room, should the ceiling collapse—unfortunately, this is a possibility.

Call a Contractor

Some DIY experts recommend that you proceed in a number of ways, including puncturing the ceiling to release water buildup, draping the room in plastic sheets (something you probably do not have available) or exploring your attic for an entry point and sealing it. There is a better way to respond.

Instead, you should contact experts right away. Just as you would call an ambulance in a health crisis, you should call a contractor as soon as possible during this home emergency. They will assess the cause, stop the flow of water, remove all standing moisture, and repair or replace any parts of the house that have been damaged. Professional water damage restoration in Alpharetta is the intervention you need to keep your home intact when water finds its way in.

Stay On Site

Once the professionals arrive, though, your work is not finished, even though you have handed the bulk of it off to experts by now. You will need to give the contractor some vital details:

Your help allows the contractor to diagnose, stop, and repair the leak immediately, before mold, permanent roof damage, partial ceiling collapse, or other severe effects set in. Water damage is certainly unwanted, but your efforts, along with a contractor’s expert ability to erase the effects, protect your home from disastrous problems that could condemn the entire structure. We recommend that keep this information handy and follow all of the above steps at the first sign of a leak.