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Water Line Issues and Solutions

Dripping faucet in Sandy Springs GA

There are certain problems with a water line that may require some professional intervention. Though you may be able to take care of clogs and other minor problems yourself, attempting to fool with your plumbing beyond your knowledge and skills can result in some serious water damage. At the same time, leaving the problem unresolved can also result in water damage in Sandy Springs, so your best option is to contact a professional.

Below are some common problems we think you should be on the lookout for. If you sight any of these issues, even if they seem minor, your best course of action is to contact a professional.


A dripping faucet is a famously common plumbing problem. In fact, it is a common sign of a number of issues with your water line. It has been said before, but it bears repeating: take care of a drip as soon as possible. The amount of water that leaks may seem negligible, but it can amount to several gallons a week of wasted water, the environmental and financial consequences of which should concern you.

Usually, a drip is a sign of a problem with your fixture (faucet, shower head, toilet, etc.). Common causes of a drip include a worn or loose O-ring, a deteriorating valve between the spout and faucet, or corrosion elsewhere in your plumbing. These issues should concern you. If they worsen, you can find yourself with a flooded home in need of professional water restoration services.

While you can certainly replace an O-ring or a certain fixture on your own, a professional evaluation can determine the true cause of a leak and the most inexpensive (and fastest) solution.


A drip is unlike a leak in leaks are usually seen before they are heard. Also, a leak refers to water running out of a place where it should not be, such as a pipe joint or a crack in the side of a pipe itself. Because leaks occur where water should not run, you can often find water in unwanted places due to one. Some common victims include the cabinet under a sink, a kitchen floor, the basement, or even an attic.

If a leak goes unmanaged, water extraction may be needed to remove any amount of standing water before devastating mold sets in and the water spreads to further places it’s not wanted, such as rooms with wood floors or carpet.

A professional can investigate the site of the leak, repair joints or replace sections of piping, and inspect any other plumbing for signs of a potential leak. If you find a leak anywhere in your home, cover the affected area with leak tape as soon as possible, then contact professional assistance.

No water from hose in Sandy Springs GA

Low Pressure

Low water pressure seems like a pure annoyance—water drips where it should run fully—but this is more than a simple problem. It can either be caused by a problem in your municipal water supply, or it can be a sign of a serious water line problem.

Often, some type of breach in the main water supply will be the culprit. Roots, sediment, or deposits can work like blocked arteries and slow the flow of water into your home. A filtration system may be a long-term solution if any foreign matter has found its way into your plumbing.

Consider cleaning your aerators in a vinegar-based solution to remove all mineral buildup, dirt, grime, and other unwanted matter. If a breach or a leak is the true cause of low water pressure, then a professional in water line services can perform all necessary repairs. Whatever the problem is, some action will be needed on your part.

No matter which of the above is happening, you can attempt to investigate on your own. But the wise decision—one that will prevent extensive water damage in your home—is to contact professionals in water line maintenance, like us. Experts can easily diagnose and repair water line issues before they become catastrophic.